Author: Shane Lukas

Kerry Riley

I deal with all things Shane. From diary management to tasks, deadlines, procedures, recruitment. I make sure Shane is where he needs to be at the right time! I work on different projects when required, helping the team to move forward AVNs goals. I also deal with all things database related, and reporting including our one page [...]
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“I get goose bumps when I think about the rush I got from the AVN Masterclass.”

Michael was working seven days a week. No systems. Long hours. Burnout was on the horizon. Michael was doing too much of the work himself, while investment in team resources was non-existent.   “I had a business that was OK – a shade of average. It was ticking along.  I had historic practices which I learned years previous, which became bad […]

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Head First

Shane Lukas is taking part in the Nottingham Iron Level Triathlon, and our July donation has gone to Head First, the charity he is supporting. Head first use the donations they receive to fund research into helping the brain recover and also, to make the lives of brain injury victims much better. To help Shane [...]
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