STOP! Here’s your solution

Social media is full of solutions, I get out my credit card and hey ho! I’ve bought a solution to a problem I didn’t realise I had. Once I’ve looked at their advert, or even stumbled across it, that’s it, it’s everywhere. You hear about mattresses in a box, well look at it once and […]

How could you become great?

The last couple of weeks we have had 2 amazing members achieve AVNExcellence Six Star, which is fantastic achievement and they both have amazing practices. Big calls out to MDH and Blend Accountants, the two practices that have made massive changes to their practices in the last few years. But at what point did they […]

When it’s just not good enough

Recently my boss said to me, that from what he had heard, one of my clients wasn’t really making progress. When I asked where he had heard this, he said from the client themselves! I was astounded and reeled off a list of all the things I know they have accomplished in the last 12 […]

Held to ransom by a team member

Isn’t it funny how sometimes our good nature doesn’t always work in our favour. I have heard several stories this year of Accountants who have allowed a once trusted team member to become the most terrible of business terrorists. It often happens because we need someone to turn to, because we don’t have anyone else […]

Who holds you to account?

I would love your thoughts on this one……. My 12-year-old son had a science test set by school. He came home and we set out a revision timetable using his schoolbooks and BBC Bite Size (this is a fantastic online resource by the way to support the national educational curriculum) We provided lots of encouragement […]

Why giving a little can go a long way

In a world where everything has a price – sometimes giving a little bit of help or support can go a long way. We are also so busy that doing anything extra seems like a big ask. Many years ago, I picked up a little book called ‘Random Acts of Kindness’. If you haven’t heard […]

Improvement doesn’t happen by chance

Having a wish to improve, earn more money, work less hours doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by deciding on what you want to – having an aim and then working towards it. Often our role at AVN starts with helping Accountants determine what they want from their lives and business – this isn’t navel […]

You’re not alone.

We recently ran an event with some of our members where we shared our challenges and came up with solutions and resources to help. When we asked what the most valuable part of the day– they all said– without exception– that it has been finding out that others in the accountancy profession have the same […]

Beware! The tunnel vision consequence of goals.

It’s important to set goals, they give us focus, they keep us on track, we can measure our progress against them and if the goal is right, our lives should become better by striving toward them – even if we fall slightly short of achieving them. HOWEVER! Setting goals focuses the mind on the objective, […]

Turning things around completely

Trevor had fallen out of love with accountancy. He had an ok practice. A decent number of clients.  A team that mostly got things done. Mostly. But cash was still tight and the hours were too long. Ultimately, he was spending too many hours running around for people who really didn’t appreciate what he was doing for […]

Does being part of a professional Accountancy Network pay dividends?

Professional networks are often passive beats with not much happening in the true sense of networking and co-operation. Members can be suspicious about giving too much away and fear about sharing their gains with other Members. I think from my experience of working with AVN, this doesn’t have to be the case. AVN is a […]

When did you last work on your accountancy practice?

Here at AVN we see many Accountants change their lives and change their Practices. All of these Accountants are at different stages in their business, all with different client bases, all starting with different aspirations for their business. What they do have however is a determination to succeed, a determination to not just put up […]

“I get goose bumps when I think about the rush I got from the AVN Masterclass.”

Michael was working seven days a week. No systems. Long hours. Burnout was on the horizon. Michael was doing too much of the work himself, while investment in team resources was non-existent.   “I had a business that was OK – a shade of average. It was ticking along.  I had historic practices which I learned years previous, which became bad […]

Finding the courage to take action

In 2017, Harriet set up her own accountancy practice, having been passed over for partner once too often in the larger, male dominated company that she had worked in for the last 15 years. She set up her business with two family members who, whilst not accountants themselves, were competent and well meaning and able […]

Who’s got the most annoying client?

Last night I had a conversation with 4 accountants who appeared to be in a contest for “who has the worst, barmiest, annoying client” competition. It is amazing that even these “switched on” accountants still work with these types of clients. Each admitted that they consume huge amounts of time and energy and are bad […]

What’s all this stuff about values?

Have you ever met someone and found it difficult to strike up a conversation, don’t necessarily ‘get’ what they’re saying?  Chances are they don’t have the same values as you. Your values and beliefs differentiate you as an individual and attract like-minded people to you. Those with the closest values are your loved ones, your very close […]

A picture paints a thousand words

A picture paints a thousand words, but one phone call can paint a whole picture. As part of my role I talk to many people each week, sometimes this is coaching, sometimes it is giving advice, guidance or support about Service or Business Development. As the conversation progresses I can build up a picture of [...]

Convenience is the enemy of value.

For a Father’s day get together, my family and the families of my two sisters had arranged to take my parents out for dinner. For a variety of reasons, we agreed on our local Harvester pub and on the following Tuesday since Father’s day itself didn’t work for us all. So we pre-booked a week […]

Deal with it

I often hear this phrase about an employee… “They are really sweet but I just can’t trust them to do everything they are supposed to!” Sound familiar?   Well, you have 2 choices: Get rid of them – if you can’t trust them to do the work you will be constantly worrying about it and […]

Measuring your success

A common set of metrics that are measured within an Accountancy Practice might include: – Turnover, Gross Recurring Fee Income, Profits, Average Fee Per Client …   Do these resonate with you? Do they move and inspire you? Some of these don’t reflect success and some are consequences of doing the right things. What’s the right thing for you?   Drive […]

Asking for what you don’t want

A strange thing happened the other day. I was at the gym with my personal trainer and he set me a really horrible exercise. The exercise itself doesn’t matter, the point it is left me absolutely knackered. Muscles hurting, chest pounding, lungs bursting. “How was that?” he asked. “Bloody horrible,” I said, “I’m in pain […]

Selling vs Listening

Observation 1: Most Accountants hate selling Observation 2: Most Accountants are great listeners   Let’s face it, few of us enjoy ‘selling’ in the conventional sense of the word, it feels uncomfortable, you sense that the guard goes up when you begin discussing products and services that are over and above what your prospective client – […]

How Much Do You Actually Need To Be Financially Safe ?

A few months ago, I was introduced to a successful businessman – let’s call him Dave – who agreed to be interviewed for research towards my next book. The theme of the book is around drive, motivation and purpose and it became clear that Dave was, indeed, a very driven person, with numerous financially profitable […]

Accountants – they are all the same

Trying to get your business off the ground but it just won’t fly? The analogy that you are bumping along the runway, seatbelts fastened and awaiting the take-off, but it just doesn’t happen……. It’s frustrating and regardless of the amount of time and effort you put in….. you are still bouncing along. Sometimes as you […]

“Fun with a serious intent”

Today I heard a wonderful example of combining great customer service with “fun with a serious intent” Val at Beyond the Numbers was telling me how her team had realised that many of their conversations with clients include jargon that we expect clients to understand.  Phrases like “we’ll journal that in your accounts” or “we […]

Being part of something special

It can be quite lonely running an Accountancy Practice can’t it. In our personal lives we have family and friends who we can share companionship with, air feelings, frustrations and emotions with.  But in our business lives we don’t always get the chance to do that do we?  Even having a team of people or […]

My Shock at Accountex

I had the pleasure of attending Accountex this year for the full 2 days, being able to take some time to speak to accountants in practice about the challenges they are facing at the moment. There seems to be a lot of talk about what to use as a practice management tool, with there being […]

How AVN helped Goddards Accountants grow by 30% in one year

In a nutshell  Goddards Accountants is based in West Molesey, Surrey and is an independent firm made up of highly experienced finance professionals. Manager, Derek Williamson, is passionate about the future of his firm and the accounting industry, that’s why he has built a team of young and enthusiastic qualified and part-qualified accountants. The team […]

How to Prioritise Systemising your Business Part 3

In two previous articles, I spoke about different ways in which you can systemise your business. The first of these was to take a look at your to-do list and look at which things would be easy to systemise. The second was starting with your customer facing systems and ensure that every time you interact […]

I get goose bumps when I think about the rush I got from the AVN Masterclass

Michael Hemme is the owner of MDH in Croydon and it’s fair to say that since attending the AVN Masterclass, his practice has transformed from what it once was. But unlike many AVN clients, there was no cliff edge – Michael wasn’t on the verge of a breakdown, finances weren’t running out and nor were […]

Technology won’t ruin your Practice, your decisions will.

There are many Accountants offering services to their clients and prospects. Some would be best described as Traditional and some Forward Thinking. Here’s a great method used by many AVN Members of illustrating the difference and where they sit. This fairly outdated Nokia makes phone calls and texts which is a fundamental aspect of what […]

A proactive Accountant you say? But are you really?

Recently I was presenting to a room full of partners and directors of Accountancy Practices, most of whom referred to themselves on their websites as ProActive Accountants. I posted the question to them, what exactly do they mean by ProActive? I was met by stunned silence. Eventually, a few suggestions were made but no-one was […]

From calamity to clarity – How Beyond the Numbers got back on track

In a nutshell Based in Edinburgh, Beyond the Numbers is an accountancy and business consultancy Practice. Made up of a small but longstanding team of five, including owner Val Wishart, the company helps small businesses with their financial performance. The close knit team place a great deal of importance on building strong client relationships and […]

AVN – Evolution and Revolution

Helping Accountants improve their Accountancy Practice, so they in turn can spend more time with their clients and help them improve their business, has always been AVN’s purpose. I recently surveyed the members of AVN to ascertain how quickly and effectively they are transforming their Accountancy Practice and I compared that to a survey I […]

Make mistakes sharing part of your culture

No matter how much of a perfectionist, we all make mistakes – fact.  What we do with those mistakes can make a profound difference to the success of your Accountancy Practice. All too often, we try to cover up the mistake, not admit to it for fear of being seen as incompetent.  In my younger […]

Do you have pre-conceived ideas about which clients want your help?

We are always being told to offer more added value services to our existing clients, and the feedback I often get from accountants is that ‘my clients are too small!’.  While this statement seems to make sense, I believe that clients are never too large or small financially for your help – it’s all about […]

How to make money while you’re on the beach

Imagine this…a two week Caribbean cruise with your family. No internet access. No telephones. No access to your business. But you are completely relaxed, just enjoying the sights and sounds around you, and making memories with those people that you love the most. Back home you know that your business is thriving – you have […]

Get better referrals

Many Accountants tell me they don’t need to advertise as their work is referred to them. That’s great because it speaks volumes about the quality of your work, but let me ask you, are you in control of those referrals? Sometimes, the wrong people are referred and you feel compelled to deal with them. So, […]

Why financial incentives inhibit quality thinking

We’ve always understood that a great motivator is to attach financial incentives to goals and targets haven’t we? The promise of bonuses and commissions will surely get the workforce going. Although it’s true that people might try to work faster in order to achieve this result, research has shown time and time again that this […]

If Superman was real

In the comic books and films, Superman felt duty bound to use his powers for good.  He’s often portrayed as saving a cat from a tree or preventing the odd jewellery heist and most often in the fictional city of metropolis in the USA. But if Superman were real do you really think he’d focus […]

Why grow your business?

Tell me if you agree or disagree with my answer, I’d love to know your thoughts. A good friend of mine asked me the other day “Why are people so obsessed with growing their business to make huge and increasing profits year after year, why not just earn enough to live on?” Is it Greed? [...]

Awards – Why Bother?

I was asked recently why we win awards and the simple answer was because we enter them. So if you’re sitting on the sidelines here are 3 very good promotional reasons to make 2019 the year you enter awards. Reason 1: Media Proof Industry awards allow you to be acknowledged by your industry. It’s important [...]

When it comes to customer service only remarkable service will do…

Why you need to deliver ‘Remarkable’ customer service and why does it matter? It will help you in an ever increasingly competitive market, if you aren’t delivering a ‘Remarkable’ service then somebody else will Give people something to talk about…Spread the word…’YOU ARE REMARKABLE’ Help you stand out among competitors and get it right, every [...]

The 7 mistakes stopping you earning £200,000 annual profit

At AVN we regularly carry out benchmarking studies of the UK accounting profession. And since 1998 we've worked with hundreds and hundreds of accountants in the UK and seen what works - and what doesn't. One of the things that's really interesting about our profession is that accountants are not performing very well. The average [...]

A rainy day doesn’t have to be a bad day

Thursday 26 July 2018 was a wonderful day. Yes, I know it was the day the heatwave broke, and thunder and rain returned to the UK, but I had one of those truly uplifting days at work. You see, I attended the first of AVN's Strategic Development Group meetings. The day was designed to meet [...]

When you are raped…

On a fairly regular basis we like to publish our latest givings on social media.  Often we’ll state that we’ve provided books, water, bricks etc to people in need throughout the world.     It occurs to me that this might come across a little like ‘look at us, we give!’  It’s not about us! [...]

Time for an out of body experience

Shane Lukas, AVN When was the last time you walked in to your office and assessed it as a potential customer? What do your prospects see and think when they walk in to your office? You walk in there every single day; you may have become blind to the things that a fresh pair of […]

It takes time to catch the correct “fish”

Many businesses tell me that they want more customers. They throw lots of money at marketing campaigns with few successful ideal leads. So who are your ideal clients and what’s the best way to catch them? It may be an odd link but perhaps you should think of yourself as fishermen/women. Getting more customers is […]

From considering drastic action to a cultural (and cash-flow) revolution

Quick read: CPT was founded thirty years ago. In recent years, with two partners leaving, Brian (the sole partner) faced a choice – bring in new partners or work smarter. Brian chose the latter. This is his (and his team’s) story.    “There were months before the AVN effect started to kick in when I [...]

Gaining clarity – To start you need to stop.

The first and most important step in gaining clarity about my life and my business was finding some headspace so that I could regain focus in a very murky and busy mind. I’d like to share with you the way in which I worked to achieve clarity, not only for my business, but also for [...]

Accountant discovers an extra day per week

What would you do with an extra day per week? The conventional journey of a start up accountant is usually one that starts from the spare bedroom.  As the client base grows and the revenue comes in that situation progresses to rented office space in order to give the practice a more professional feel for […]

B is for Benchmarking

Often just by understanding where you are against that of your competitors you can identify where you are just giving away money. Are you really performing as well as you think? If you own a business ask your accountant if they can Benchmark your firm against others in the same industry or area. With a […]

Communicating the value to ensure you get the prices you want

There’s something far worse than Artificial Intelligence that threatens your Accountancy Practice right now. It’s the assumption that business owners have that the software you have access to already perform most functions you charge for with just 1 click. Added to this, they see year-end accounts as a legal necessity much like having the MOT [...]

4 Years + Northern Accountants + AVN = £1,000,000

Phil Ellerby was working 70 hours a week in a shed – making £50,000 a year in GRF. Fast forward four years and he’s putting in a leisurely 35 hours per week, in return for £1,000,000 GRF. This is how he and his team made the staggering transformation. “We wouldn’t have the things we have [...]

How to get more clients as an accountant #1

…And great quality clients that pay well, appreciate you and refer you.   Many Accountants tell me that they want more clients, the clients they have don’t want to pay them much, don’t really respect them and expect everything to be done at last minute.  This has a lot to do with how they’ve been [...]

How much does AVN membership cost?

This is often the first question asked and the last thing anyone wants to answer, especially on a website. ‘It’s important to sell the value before revealing the price’ is quite rightly what the pricing experts will advise. However, it also gives the impression that you are somehow ashamed or embarrassed about your fees if [...]

From headless chickens to a masterclass in training clients

Quick read: The 31st of January - each and every year this is the date that fills accountants with nerve-jangling dread.   This case study is a story of client training change that has led from annual tax return purgatory, to the 31st of January being just like any other day (despite a year on year [...]

Getting Leads For Accountants

Representing AVN Accountants, Emma Slack and I have spent 2 days at The London Business Show - exhibiting and presenting to Business Owners of all sizes, length established and of an incredibly diverse set of industries and niches. 22,000 Business Owners were booked to attend and the footfall was huge. The book The Business Owner’s [...]

Purposeful Award Winner 2018 – wood and disney

The Purposeful Award - Access to proven coaching programmes and methodologies. Making a difference, changing lives and choosing to be able to give something back to the local and wider community.  Quick read… Wood and Disney are committed to making a difference to their clients’ lives. Here are just four examples of what they do [...]

Profile Award Winner 2018 – Beyond The Numbers

The Profile Award – Become highly valued and highly sought after by your ideal prospective clients.  Quick read… Beyond the Numbers are no stranger to the AVN award stage. Having won the tough title of Clarity in 2017, here they are again – picking up our award for raising their Profile among their target market.   [...]

Automation Award Winner 2018 – JDH

The Automation Award - A practice that’s scalable, consistently delivering to high standards even when you’re relaxing on holidays.  Quick read… 13 may be unlucky for some, but for JDH, this magic number represents the amount of systems they’ve created and software they use to revolutionise their firm, its unstoppable growth and the ability to [...]

Gearing Award Winner 2018 – MDH

The Gearing Award - Changing gear for less effort, more results through a productive, customer focussed team.    Quick read… MDH feel the struggles felt by all accountancy firms – the pull between developing systems, training their people and finding fresh-ways to deliver exceptional service. After all, time is finite. MDH continue to win the [...]

Value Award Winner 2018 – CPT

The Value Award - Successfully deliver exciting solutions at premium fees, including paid for Advisory work.    Quick read… It’s not often a firm scoops two awards in the same year. Yet this is exactly what CPT has achieved. Accountants can and should be so much more than compliance workers and box tickers. Our value [...]

Positioning Award Winner 2018 – Grant-Jones

The Positioning Award - Truly differentiate yourself from your rival and attract better quality clients as a result    Quick read…Grant-Jones set themselves apart by focussing on the future for their clients, and the future of societies around the world. They’ve gained a lot of attention this past year – and every bit of it [...]

The AVN Customer Journey

In this video Shane Lukas, Managing Director of AVN explains the AVN Roadmaps. Accountants in practice who want to earn more, work less, work with better clients and have less stress and pressure are going through this proven process. It helps them implement important strategies that help them grow the practice in a way that [...]

Clarity Award Winner 2018 – CPT

The Clarity Award - What success looks like for you and how you get there, solving cash flow, profit and time restraint issues as a first priority.    Quick read…From gruelling 9-to-5’s, low morale and problematic cash flow, to a flourishing, advisory-based firm (with a deliriously happy team).   Prior to their AVN adventure, work life [...]

The AVN Roadmaps explained

In this video Shane Lukas, Managing Director of AVN explains the AVN Roadmaps. Accountants in practice who want to earn more, work less, work with better clients and have less stress and pressure are going through this proven process. It helps them implement important strategies that help them grow the practice in a way that […]

5 Signs You Should Invest In AVN

We help accountants build a practice that gives them better choice about, the role they play, the hours they work, the income they generate and the difference they make. This is achieved through a fusion of coaching & training delivered by proven experts, and handholding accountants through a 7-stage signature roadmap; transforming accountancy practices in to […]

Jackie Hooper: From considering shutting shop, to cash flow contentment

Quick read: This is the story of how Jackie Hooper, owner of JDH Bookkeeping, transformed a stress-plagued practice with less than perfect clients, into a cash-flow content, owner-happy business that goes from strength to strength.   JDH Bookkeeping – In a nutshell Meet Jackie Hooper, owner of a small accountancy practice in Wales. She qualified [...]

Why these are important to us

Supporting accountants and others is extremely important to Shane Lukas and all the AVN team The images on the bottom of our emails are incredibly important to us here at AVN.  Let me explain why… The Vonage Nexmo Business Enabler of the Year Finalist – The goal of AVN is supporting accountants to build the […]

New Year’s resolutions? – do it right.

So many people set New Year’s Resolutions but fail to maintain their new way of life for more than a few weeks on average. Why? Well, too many people strive for big change in a short space of time.  In my book – What’s Next for Accountants I share in detail why that’s not a […]

Interview with Tim Davies – John Davies and Co

Hi there, I’m Shane Lukas, and I’m the Managing Director of AVN. The AVN team are excited to announce the release of our new book The Business Owner’s Guide to the UK’s Best Accountancy Practices which is free to download here: Our book has been designed to help businesses find accountants who go the […]

The Business Owner’s Guide to the UK’s Best Accountancy Practices – Rennie Evans Interview

Hi, I’m Shane Lukas, the Managing Director of AVN and in conjunction with the release of our new book The Business Owner’s Guide to the UK’s Best Accountancy Practices, I have been interviewing some of the UK’s best accountants. These interviews have helped me to gain further insight into what makes their practices so different […]

AVN Accountant, Murray Associates, Helps Small Business See Astonishing Growth By Increasing Turnover By £250,000 In Just Seven Months

Glasgow based accountancy practice, Murray Associates has seen extraordinary success for their clients through their innovative mentoring group. The mentoring group helps small business to fast-track their business growth and has been noticeably successful with one client seeing astonishing results: an increase of £250,000 in turnover in just seven months. This story is just one […]

Goddards Accountants Prove That Cloud-Based Real Time Accounts Can Save Your Business From Imminent Cash Flow Crisis

In a recent interview I conducted with Derek Williamson for Goddards Accountants; I discovered how their accountancy practice utilises innovative cloud-based software to deliver a better service for their clients and how in some cases, they have helped to save businesses from immediate and severe problems, such as a cash flow crisis. Using The Cloud […]

How Artisan Accounts Help Creative Businesses To Shine

Artisan Accounts are one of the accountancy practices that have been selected to feature in the book The Business Owner’s Guide to the UK’s Best Accountancy Practices. A book written by AVN, the association for forward thinking accountants, is designed to help business owners find an accountant that will go the extra mile for their […]

Accountants, be liberated as artists

We know that technology is automating compliance accounts production at an ever increasing rate.   Does that mean that accountants are automatically going to go out of business? No.   This is simply a time to repurpose those skills with numbers.   Let’s take a look at a very different industry at a very different time. […]

Why do we enter awards?

As a company we encourage our members to enter awards and as company we practice what we preach! So AVN entered the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards UK. We encourage our members to enter awards because its a great opportunity to reflect on what you have done. We are often too involved in the day […]

Benchmarking Your Accountancy Clients

I recently had a conversation with an Accountancy Practice about our benchmarking software (no this is not a sales pitch!). Whilst the software is intuitive, easy to use, gives great visual reports and highlights the areas you can really add value that your clients appreciate, this is just obvious value… the real value comes from […]

How to Prioritise Systemising your Business Part 2

There are many different ways to prioritise the systemisation of your business, and today I’m going to talk about my second suggested way of tackling this enormous task. In a previous article, I talked about using a graph to work out which of the tasks you do could you write a system for quickly, that [...]

How to Prioritise Systemising your Business Part 1

There are many different ways to prioritise the systemisation of your business, and today I’m going to touch on one of these. In a previous article, I have already mentioned listing all of the tasks that you, as the business owner do, that could be passed onto another team member, with just a little bit […]

Fantastic Teams #8 – Terrorists

Values are incredibly important in every day life.  You will know that there are some people you can instantly connect with, strike up a great dialogue and become friends very quickly.  Other’s no matter how hard you try, you simply can’t connect, you almost take an instant dislike to them and you don’t always understand […]

Fear Setting – We suffer more in imagination than in reality

Everyone talks about Goal Setting – but some of us just aren’t that motivated by goals.  Some of us are instead crippled by fear.  In this amazing TED talk Tim Ferris explains a simple exercise that can help us avoid self destruction and give us the confidence to do things that we currently feel we […]

Fantastic Teams #7 – Be Grateful!

It’s so easy to fall in to the trap of accepting great work and effort from members of your team and forget to express your gratitude.  Often, I hear people say – ‘I thank them through their salary’.  A salary is simply an enabler for someone to be able to work for you.  It enables […]

Fantastic Teams #6 – Do YOU really understand?

How well do you really understand your team? How much time do you invest in getting to know them? What motivates every individual in your team? Most often it’s assumed to be financial incentives but in fact, that’s not always the best motivator. Do you understand what might be holding them back from giving their […]

Fantastic Teams #5 – Passion needs patient zero

Everybody wants their teams to be more engaged and passionate about what they do but passion is contagious, it’s infectious. In order for it to spread, it has to be present in the first place.  It has to be present in you. Are you, the leader/business owners truly engaged and passionate about what you do […]

Fantastic Team #4 – Whose fault is it anyway?

When things go wrong in your business are you quick to blame others?  Or do you take responsibility yourself? In my blog about the Initiative Ladder (Fantastic Teams #1) I explained that mistakes must be allowed to happen – on the understanding that the team member who made the mistake is ready to take the […]

Fantastic Teams #3 – Defining Leadership

When I made the decision to write this blog about the definition of leadership I had a flashback to my youth.  I was a Star Trek fan (well, I still am!) and I remembered an episode where Spock reminded Captain Kirk that he would lose faith and command of the crew if he were seen […]

Fantastic Teams #2 Kill the staff…

…culture! I’ve always hated the word ‘staff’. It immediately infers an ‘us’ the employer/manager and ‘them’ the employed.  It puts people in their place. it’s derogatory, it dates back to a time of command and control and it’s not conducive to developing a team of people who all feel a sense of ownership to the […]

Fantastic Teams #1 – Get your team to step up

AVN Practice Growth Experts What do I mean by stepping up? Let’s look at a scenario and forgive me, it’s a negative scenario but it’s a common one… A scenario Lets say a customer has reported a problem; they have a complaint. An employee of yours takes the call, makes a note of the problem […]

Why blowing your Trumpet is a must…

Many people do not take the credit or shout about what a great service, experience or what difference they may have made to a person’s life. We are all guilty of this and we really need to accept the recognition of this and ‘Blow our own trumpet’ and be proud of our many achievements; this can […]

When is the best time to plant a tree?

What to consider when taking the plunge to grow an online presence… It is often very scary when you are faced with a blank page and you have to fill it. It can be terrifying to try to find the right words to express your thoughts and experiences to fill up that white space. As a new blogger, […]

The hidden jewel of recruitment that you could be missing

Looking back to the 1980’s when I was growing up there were set roles within a family. Once children were born the mums took a back seat in their career and took on the new role as housewife/full time care giver to the children while the dads continued with their career journey. My parents generation […]

Times are changing!

For centuries accountants have been seen as the trusted advisor and held in high regard. A source of incredibly valuable financial information and insight. Essential to helping businesses make sound financial decisions so they can plan ahead. But now the rate of change in the world is far too rapid for a set of year […]

Why did I choose to pay more?

I have had many discussions as a Practice Growth Expert about how your first impression when you are quoting really makes a difference and could allow you to increase your prices. Until last week I have never experienced this as a customer… that was until i needed a new/replacement garden fence. The lovely UK weather […]

Fantastic Teams, and how to create them

What does a great team look like in business?   Well, I’m sure many will have differing opinions about that.  In my opinion it’s a group of people who are 100% committed to the cause of the business, who selflessly act in the best interests of the business even if at the expense of their […]

9 years 4 months 6 days…

The 1st October 2007 I started my journey working with Owner Managed Accountancy firms helping them to become the most successful and enjoyable to run in the world. Starting out slow it was a case of answering reactive queries slowly building my relationships and gaining that ‘know, like and trust’ factor. Over the years I […]

What makes a great accountancy practice?

The things that really successful practices do and what they have in common was the subject of a three year research project by Steve Pipe for AVN. With remarkable candour and generosity of spirit, the firms we studied revealed in precise detail exactly what they do to generate extraordinary results for themselves and their clients. […]

C is for Clarity

Our research has shown that Accountancy Practices suffer from the similar issues and their ability to deal with them effectively is often governed by their own understanding. Therefore the first step is to get Clarity on what you as an Accountancy Practice owner is looking to achieve from your business and develop a plan around […]

An Inspirational Conference

I had the pleasure of helping to organise the AVN Conference, which was held on the 6th October 2016 in Nottingham.  The theme of the conference was ‘taking action’ and we heard some really great inspirational speakers – Steve Pipe, Richard McCann and Shane Lukas. I took 2 main pieces of learning from the day… […]

Disney is every companies competitor

I was listening to a great webinar today and one of the key points that hit home to me was that Disney is every companies competitor! Why? Well Disney delivers exceptional customer service. They don’t just perform above what you expect they go above and beyond that. They create an experience that lasts for years, they create memories that […]

How to win business without losing it in life

Recently I have been considering what is it that drives me. What equates to success and what drives me. When you ask what is success, you often think of earning money, profit or some other monetary gain. But when you actually really think, this is all irrelevant what really matters is family, health, love, understanding […]

A Magical Guide To Selling through Presentations and Webinars

Following on from a great webinar I watched last week, the presenter Shane Lukas shared with me his magical guide to a successful presentation or webinar:- Pre Party – get rapport going with audience. Say hello and talk to people, this shows it is live and allows the audience to connect with you. At the start […]