AVN Conference 2019 

Wednesday 18th September

The 2019 AVN Conference is designed around the theme: ENGAGE.


The event will focus on engaging your Team, engaging your Clients

and engaging your Mind.

The main aim of the 2019 AVN Conference is for all team within the business to be able to gain insight and practical skills that will help them to engage better with their work, their clients and their other team members.


Cancellation terms:
Unfortunately, we are not able to issue a refund to an AVN event. We will already have confirmed your place with venues and suppliers and will have to pay the full cost so we do have to pass this on.
We hope you understand that to keep ticket prices to AVN events as low as we possibly can, we can’t be more flexible on this.



Further details of the event will be confirmed soon so keep an eye out for all the exciting details!

In the meantime check out our highlights from this years successful conference!




AccountancyManager is a powerful Practice Management Software built to enhance efficiency and business growth within your firm. It is a low cost automated software solution, designed by accountants, to help you manage your clients, staff and workload. Our system aims to ‘reduce the administration time to zero’.
Our 3 main benefits are –
  • Client on-boarding, automatic proposal & letters of engagement
  • Automatically reminds and chases clients for missing information
  • Automatically generated task lists for all your staff


FreeAgent is the UK’s market-leading online accounting system designed specifically for small business owners and their accountants. Already used by over 70,000 small business customers, FreeAgent’s powerful end-to-end accounting solution is specifically designed to simplify the admin associated with your smaller clients, while giving you the robust features and proactive alerts that your practice needs.



John Hotowka

Even when times are hard there are always people and organisations who are successful and resilient. What’s more they flourish irrespective of the state of the economy and the challenges thrown at them. The key lies in their mind-set.

THIS MIND-SET CAN BE LEARNED – ‘Achievement Thinking’ is a collection of simple tools and strategies to empower and help you find, keep and grow the strength to continuously flourish, build resilience and manage change even in times of uncertainty.

These mindset strategies are applicable in any aspect of your life.

Professionally John’s strategies has helped companies and individuals hit their annual sales 3 months ahead of target. He even applied his strategies to his personal life and lost 7st (45Kgs) of excess weight.

Now it’s your turn what would you like to achieve?

Some speakers are informative, some are entertaining and some are thought provoking… John is all three.


3 key takeaways:

  1. You’ll learn how to recognise a limiting belief and over come it.
  2. How to focus on what is helpful to you to build resilience and achieve your goals.
  3. Where and how to tap in to a little known resource that’s under your nose to help you work more efficiently and effectively and give you all the moral support you need.

Paul Carvell



Paul Carvell is more than just an accountant – he’s a businessman.

He is extremely passionate about helping others in business achieve their goals. His clients consistently say he’s been an excellent sounding board for them, supporting them to achieve their vision and aspirations.

Paul has won multiple awards, including Business Professional of the Year at the Coventry & Warwickshire First Pro Awards and is the driving force behind SFB growth and many successes.


3 key takeaways:

  1. Always have a vision (be prepared for it to evolve)
  2. Always trust your gut
  3. Learn to enjoy the ride


Venue: Edgbaston Stadium, Edgbaston Rd, Birmingham B5 7QU

Edgbaston Stadium


Business Clarity: CPT

Practice Differentiation: Grant-Jones

Business Advisory: CPT

Customer Committed Team: MDH

Consistently High Standards: The JDH Group

High Profile Practice: Beyond the Numbers

Changing Lives: wood and disney