Gloria Murray, Murray Associates

Watch this video to find out how AVN helped Gloria Murray and her practice.

Brian Thompson, CPT

Winner of Business Clarity and Business Advisory Awards 2018

Michael Hemme, MDH

Winner of Customer Committed Team Award 2018

Val Wishart, Beyond The Numbers

Winner of High Profile Practice Award 2018

Fiona Jones, Grant Jones Accountancy Ltd

Winner of Practice Differentiation Award 2018

David Rudd, Wood and Disney

Winner of Changing Lives Award 2018

Jackie Hooper, The JDH Group

Winner of Consistently High Standards Award 2018

Gerry Murray, Murray Associates

Watch this video to find out why Murray Associates entered the AVN awards and what benefit they got from this?

Georgi Rollings, Starfish Accounting

Watch this video to find out how AVN has helped Georgi Rollings and her company Starfish Accounting.

Jackie Hooper, The JDH Group

Jackie Hooper from JDH share her story of how AVN has helped her and her practice over the years.

Brian Thompson, CPT

A great AVN story told by the director CPT.

Michael Hemme, MDH, Croydon

“We increased from £2,000 a month on standing orders up to £18,000 a month and that was in a space of a year. We’ve seen lock-up drop by 66%. So growing the practice has b…

Shaz Nawaz, AA Accountants, Peterborough

“The average fee per client has increased tenfold. The profits have gone up. I’m spending less time at the office. I’m taking holidays as I like. The team are happier. Clients…

Rennie Evans, Prospero Accountants

Shane Lukas from AVN interviews Rennie Evans of Prospero accountants about how he’s discovered an additional day per week by running his accountancy practice as a virtual office.

Paul Meades, Meades & Co

Paul had the task of turning around a traditional family firm with lots of clients, high debt and a large overdraft. In the 6 years since joining AVN they have turned their firm around, revolutionising their service offering. They now have positive cash flow, less clients, no overdraft and 6 figures in the bank.

Phil Ellerby, Northern Accountants

AVN has helped thousands of accountants to grow their Practice, in this video Phil talks about his journey from working in his Garden shed, 70 hours per week at the expense of spending quality time with his wife and son to transforming his Accountancy Practice in to one that is making a profound difference to clients, developing his team members and giving him the lifestyle choices he deserves.