How AVN Benchmark helped a client's profits soar

Giles Corby of Merlin Accountants tells how he helped one of his clients to go from a loss to £80,000 profit in just 9 months by using the AVN Benchmark software.

"Had it not been for AVN I would not be enjoying the success I do today"

Award-winning accountant Gordon D’Silva reflects on the role AVN has played in his success and says thank you!

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Is AVN worth the investment? The challenges for a small accountancy practice.

The owner of a small accountancy practice, explains the difference that joining AVN has made – higher quality clients, bigger fees and better profits.

“Something had to change … I love every minute of it now,” says Jean Farnan of Vectis Accountants in Hampshire.

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"Going to work is a pleasure now"

Steven Pitchford of Delegate Accountancy explains how AVN membership has changed his practice. With better work/life balance, better fees and a sense of being in control of what he does, Steven and his team are excited about the future. “We’re motivated to have conversations with clients because there’s more for us to offer.”

Building the confidence to move forward

Philip Harris recently started his journey with AVN and he’s been blown away by the support he’s had. He explains how drawing on the experience of the AVN team and other AVN members has helped to build his confidence in making change happen – “I can do this!”

“Join as soon as humanly possible.”

When Gareth Westwood set out to build his accountancy practice he thought he knew best – but he found he was digging an ever bigger hole for himself. Joining AVN and the support he’s had from his business coach and other members has made all the difference.

"I used to spend 80% of my time on my most demanding clients"

Steven Pitchford of Delegate Accountancy explains how grading his clients and using the AVN pricing tools means he now has time to really listen and understand what his clients need.

“I’ve regained the enthusiasm I had when I started my business."

After 26 years in practice, Herschel Santineer was unhappy, frustrated and ready to quit. He was doing the wrong type of work and charging the wrong fees. He explains how AVN’s support helped him regain his enthusiasm and give his practice a whole new impetus.

Explaining the value and charging a premium:

AVN Member Christopher Darby from Dab Hand Accounting shares his journey so far.  From struggling to price his services profitably and delivering the basic services to now value pricing his services and delivering added value services to clients.  He shares the processes he’s learned along the way and the approach he take with clients when they challenge him on price meaning that rather than crash the price, they understand the value and are happy to pay the price.

Charlotte Karacaaslan, The Accountancy Space Limited

Charlotte Karacaaslan, joined AVN in the midst of the Coronavirus Crisis. At a time when many accountants are fighting fires, Charlotte recognised the need to focus on improving her accountancy practice and her approach in order to reduce the fire fighting, deliver more help to her clients and improve her practice.
Charlotte’s practice, as she joined AVN, is very small. This is her story just 2 weeks in.

Overworked ‘bottleneck’ to a day a week ‘On’ the business.

Discover how Peter Fry from Littlehampton has turned his Practice and his life around in just 4 months working with AVN.

Michael Hemme, MDH

Michael Hemme, director of MDH, talks about how far he has come since joining AVN and what winning Firm of the Year in 2017 really meant to him and his Practice.

Nadeem Raja, Citiline

Nadeem Raja tells us about his experience at The AVN Masterclass and the benefits he got from coming.

Chris Brown, Brown & Co

Chris Brown tells us about his experience at The AVN Masterclass and the benefits he got from coming.

Peter Watkins, Blue Penguin

Peter Watkins tells us about his experience at The AVN Masterclass and the benefits he got from coming.

How to develop an Accountancy Business with exponential growth.

Paul Carvell grew his Practice from £800K in fees to over £5,000,000+ whilst simultaneously reducing his involvement down to a handful of days per month.
Watch this inspiring case study where Paul Carvel explains the steps he took to grow his Accountancy Practice largely organically from an £800K practice where he was un profitable, stressed, working long hours and really not enjoying life in his practice to what is now giving him complete choice on his role, his hours and his income.
Paul Carvel at SFB Group being interviewed by Shane Lukas, AVN – Inspiring Accountants

Jackie Hooper, The JDH Group

Jackie tells us that if you are an Accountant in Practice, it is a must that you join as an AVN Member. Watch the video to hear the reason why.

Val Wishart, Beyond The Numbers

Val was blown away by the AVN Masterclass and since joining as an AVN Member, her Practice had become more profitable, her team is more engaged and Val is a lot happier.

Gloria Murray, Murray Associates

Watch this video to find out how AVN helped Gloria Murray and her practice.

Brian Thompson, CPT

Winner of Business Clarity and Business Advisory Awards 2018

Michael Hemme, MDH

Winner of Customer Committed Team Award 2018

Val Wishart, Beyond The Numbers

Winner of High Profile Practice Award 2018

Fiona Jones, Grant Jones Accountancy Ltd

Winner of Practice Differentiation Award 2018

David Rudd, Wood and Disney

Winner of Changing Lives Award 2018

Jackie Hooper, The JDH Group

Winner of Consistently High Standards Award 2018

Gerry Murray, Murray Associates

Watch this video to find out why Murray Associates entered the AVN awards and what benefit they got from this?

Georgi Rollings, Starfish Accounting

Watch this video to find out how AVN has helped Georgi Rollings and her company Starfish Accounting.

Jackie Hooper, The JDH Group

Jackie Hooper from JDH share her story of how AVN has helped her and her practice over the years.

Brian Thompson, CPT

A great AVN story told by the director CPT.

Michael Hemme, MDH, Croydon

“We increased from £2,000 a month on standing orders up to £18,000 a month and that was in a space of a year. We’ve seen lock-up drop by 66%. So growing the practice has b…

Shaz Nawaz, AA Accountants, Peterborough

“The average fee per client has increased tenfold. The profits have gone up. I’m spending less time at the office. I’m taking holidays as I like. The team are happier. Clients…

Rennie Evans, Prospero Accountants

Shane Lukas from AVN interviews Rennie Evans of Prospero accountants about how he’s discovered an additional day per week by running his accountancy practice as a virtual office.

Paul Meades, Meades & Co

Paul had the task of turning around a traditional family firm with lots of clients, high debt and a large overdraft. In the 6 years since joining AVN they have turned their firm around, revolutionising their service offering. They now have positive cash flow, less clients, no overdraft and 6 figures in the bank.

Phil Ellerby, Northern Accountants

AVN has helped thousands of accountants to grow their Practice, in this video Phil talks about his journey from working in his Garden shed, 70 hours per week at the expense of spending quality time with his wife and son to transforming his Accountancy Practice in to one that is making a profound difference to clients, developing his team members and giving him the lifestyle choices he deserves.