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Member Training

AVN training is designed to give you the knowledge and the skills to develop yourself and to help grow the business you are in.  Plus we teach you how to use that knowledge to help your clients businesses by delivering proven growth strategies and tools. It’s not technical training. Our sessions aim to inform and involve you so you come away with a solid grasp of the subject and the tools you need to implement it in your firm.

Live training events

These are our upcoming training events for AVN members. Most events are free but there is a small charge for the AVN Conference and AVN Masterclass.





3 days of intensive training.  Come and learn simple and effective ways of developing your business so that you can have choice in the role you play, the hours you work, the income you take and the difference you make.

Discover the breadth of resources, training and support you can have from AVN plus you will go away with a clear action plan to start work on improving your life and the business you are in straight away.

AVN members can claim a free place for the Masterclass.


17th – 19th March 2020 . (Barlborough)

30th June – 2nd July 2020


Practical workshop to help you improve your key numbers. This event is designed to compliment and assist you completing the first AVN Roadmap – Clarity and help you on your first steps on your AVN journey.  In this event we will look deeper into pricing (and using Time’s Up!), how to BenchMark your practice and the actions that you can take from that learning, how to start engaging your team in growing your business, and how to manage your time better so that you can start working on your most important client…YOU!

This workshop is flexed around your needs so please let us know your challenges so that we can give you some “quick wins”

We also find that if you bring one of your key team members with you then implementing AVN ideas and tools becomes much easier – so please bring them too.


4th March 2020 . (Barlborough)

22nd April 2020

5th August 2020

18th November 2020


This is the one Roadmap event that is targeted solely at the key decision makers in your business.  We look strategically at your business and how you can differentiate your business from your competitors. We also look at some key marketing strategies such as how to target your ideal client and how to create the perfect pitch in order to turn more prospects into clients.

This event is designed around the second AVN Roadmap – Positioning. It will continue your roadmap journey after completing the Clarity roadmap. If you have not yet completed the Clarity roadmap please go to to book a Clarity call to start you on your way.


5th March 2020 . (Barlborough)

23rd April 2020

6th August 2020

19th November 2020


Covering value driven growth and growing and cultivating your client base. This event is open to you and all your team who you want to deliver valuable business growth meetings with your clients.  We look at how you can use the Performance Measurement and Improvement System as a simple structure to discuss additional services you can deliver to your clients and give you detailed training on how to deliver it. This event is designed around the third AVN Roadmap – Value. You firm must have completed the Positioning Roadmap in order to attend this event.


26th & 27th February 2020 . (Barlborough)

28th & 29th July 2020

28th & 29th October 2020

GEARING – Advanced Member Event

Gearing is about creating a team culture, getting your team much more focused on delivering high value services and interacting with customers in a way that continues to wow them, keep them engaged and inspired. It’s largely around mindset – your mindset in terms of letting go and trusting others to deliver the quality and accuracy you’re passionate about and their mindset to get them thinking more commercially.  As individuals you will learn about your own (and others) behaviours and how to communicate better through understanding of personal profiles and learning styles.  You will also learn skills to communicate better with your clients so they become more receptive to your ideas.  Every business tells us that “communication” is one of the biggest problems in their business – come and learn how to make things better!

(Open to you and your whole team)

11th & 12th February 2020 . (Barlborough)

14th & 15th July 2020

AUTOMATION – Advanced Members Event

Automation covers developing your practice to consistently deliver high standards that enables you to be able to enjoy uninterrupted, relaxing holidays whilst still earning money. Our guest speaker will show you the latest software that can make your business easier to run and we will look not only on how to create systems but also how to ensure that they get followed

(Open to you and your team)


20th & 21st May 2020

10th & 11th November 2020

PROFILE – Advanced Members Event

Profile covers ways in which to become highly valued and highly sought after by your ideal prospective clients. In this 2 day event we will help you overcome your fears of presenting,  show you how to efficiently and effectively use your marketing resources and (if you have one) overcome “the imposter syndrome”.  We look at some of the ready-made content you have from AVN and how to make the most of it.

(open to you and your team)


1st & 2nd April 2020

PURPOSEFUL – Advanced Members Event

Purposeful covers repurposing your skill with numbers to deliver life changing growth advice to customers.   In these 2 days you will learn exactly how spot, engage your clients with, and deliver business development services.

(open to you and your team)


20th & 21st October 2020

On Demand Training

We’ve created a suite of on demand training programmes to help you on your AVN journey.

AVN Induction  Designed to give you an overview of the AVN tools and resources you have in Foundation membership and how to access them.
Quick Wins  Shows you all the AVN tools and resources that can give you quick wins, be that return on investment, better relationships with your clients, or reducing your debtors and unlocking cash.
Cultivate and Grow  Once you have some wins under your belt it’s time to start looking at your business, engaging your team and offering new and exciting services to your clients.
Making it stick  To successfully move forward you have to get your team engaged with your plans and start a systemised approach to running your practice. This programme shows you how to utilise the AVN tools and resources to do just that.

You’ll find the training programmes in System Builder – just type On Demand into the Knowledge Base.

Online support sessions

We regularly run online training and support sessions for our members.  Please look out for details of these in the “What’s New” fortnightly email