Our Leveraged Impacts

Through promoting B1G1 through our contacts we have jointly impacted as follows…



In April we have donated to Sense. Sense helps everyone living with complex disabilities and who is deafblind. Sense is there to help people communicate and experience the world. They believe that no one, no matter how complex their disabilities, should be isolated, left out, or unable to fulfil their potential. One of our Members, [...]

Stroke Association

In April we have donated to the Stroke Association. It works to prevent stroke, and to support everyone touched by stroke, fund research, and campaign for the rights of stroke survivors of all ages. One of our Members, Michael Hemme from MDH is running the London Marathon on the 28th April 2019 for this great [...]

DEC Cyclone Idai Appeal

In March we donated to the DEC Cyclone Idai Appeal to help support those in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. The cyclone that hit left behind a trail of destruction, hundreds of people have been killed and 2.5 million need our help! Our donation will help to build toilets and washing facilities for families who lost their [...]

Gemma Marshall Award

In February we have given to the Gemma Marshall Award. A member of our team lost one of her friends in a car accident last year. The Gemma Marshall Award, which was set up in her name, is a scholarship that gives dance and performing opportunities to young people who may never have been given the [...]

February…the month of love. It’s also the month of more tea and cake!

Yesterday was the February meet up of Victoria's tea party with her local group for Contact the Elderly. It was a great afternoon, made even more enjoyable with the welcoming of two new guests! Audrey and Martin joined the group for tea and cakes and everyone got on that well that she forgot to get a [...]

The Stop ALD Foundation

This month we have donated to The Stop ALD Foundation. Adrenoleukodystrophy, or ALD, is a deadly genetic disease that affects 1 in 18 000 people. It most severely affects boys and men. This brain disorder destroys myelin, the protective sheath that surrounds the brain's neurons -- the nerve cells that allow us to think and [...]

Welcoming 2019 with tea and cake

Yesterday Victoria hosted the first tea party of 2019 with her local group for Contact the Elderly. It was a full house with all four current older guests joining in along with their volunteer drivers. It was a lovely occasion in it's own right, made even more special as it also happened to take place [...]

Christmas time, mistletoe and…Christmas dinner!

This weekend Victoria had her Christmas tea party with her local group for Contact the Elderly. It was a get together with a difference this month as the group went out for a Festive lunch as a Christmas celebration. As we know how much Victoria enjoys Christmas and we love hearing about her tea party [...]

Where there’s tea and cake, there’s hope

Yesterday was the fourth tea party for Victoria and her local group for Contact the Elderly. It was hosted by one of the volunteers at Bolsover Methodist Church and was a great success with a full group attending. Talk during the tea party turned to the upcoming Christmas period and what everyone would be doing [...]

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy tea, and that’s kind of the same thing

This month was Victoria's third tea party with her local group for Contact the Elderly - and this time it was hosted at her house! It wasn't a full group as one of the guests was abroad but it was still a great afternoon nonetheless. They even welcomed a new driver to the group. She [...]

Supporting Rob with the Walking On Tyres Awareness Walk

This month we have sponsored Rob Walsh of Clear Vision Consultancy, to walk 5K with a difference. Taking place on the iconic Brighton seafront Rob walked the 5K distance wearing the traditional, recycled rubber, Andean ‘Ojotos’ (sandals). These are the same that many kids from Urubamba wear daily when walking for miles over harsh terrain. [...]

There’s always time for a cup of tea

Yesterday was Victoria's second tea party with her local group for Contact the Elderly. It was actually hosted at the home of a new older guest who has joined the group! Everyone was treated to a huge amount of tea with homemade sandwiches and cakes! She said "It was so nice to see everyone again, and [...]

Supporting Jonathan with the Rae Rae trust

This week Shane had a visit with one of our long time members, Jonathan Vowles and attended his Charity Open Day in aid of the Rae Rae Trust, which helps put smiles on the faces of children with cancer. He generously donated to the cause as part of our monthly giving commitment. If you would like [...]

Our B1G1 Giving

Each week we give based on the interactions we have with accountants.  Each interaction gives us a way to support and help accountants, but now also means we give to others through B1G1. Our giving this week: 56 webinar attendees = 56 weeks of school books 13 PGE calls = 390 days of clean water [...]

Everything is better with tea and cake

Our very own Victoria has begun volunteering for Contact the Elderly, a national charity that helps to tackle loneliness and social isolation amongst older people living in the United Kingdom. She has worked hard to grow awareness in her local area to get a group off the ground and has finally had enough interest that her [...]