177,927 acts of kindness

AVN is a business with a purpose. We want to change lives for the better, whether that’s accountants in the UK or disadvantaged people elsewhere in the world. When something good happens in our business, we give to a charitable project.

So …

… Each time someone joins our Accountants Helping Accountants webinar it makes an impact.

… Each strategy call with Shane or Emma creates an impact.

… When a new member joins AVN it makes an impact.

… All our coaching calls with AVN members generate an impact.

And as you can see from our end of year report (which you can see here), the sum of those small impacts – all 177,927 acts of kindness – makes a big difference in the world.

Clean water, library books, education and training, trees planted, new homes and more – people are living better lives because of the AVN community. The process of automatic giving is really easy – we do it through B1G1. And as an impact can cost as little as 1 US cent, you don’t have to be generating huge profits to make an important difference.

In a year that’s seen so much bad news, it’s great to know some good things have happened in 2020 too. We’re all hoping for better things in 2021, but whatever it brings AVN will continue to support good causes, to create acts of kindness all over the world and to make a difference throughout the year.