A Magical Guide To Selling through Presentations and Webinars

Following on from a great webinar I watched last week, the presenter Shane Lukas shared with me his magical guide to a successful presentation or webinar:-

  • Pre Party – get rapport going with audience. Say hello and talk to people, this shows it is live and allows the audience to connect with you.
  • At the start set out the BIG THING that they are going to be able to take away, the value for them.
  • Tell a personal story about yourself, the challenges you have faced and overcome and how this relates to their situation.
  • Have an agenda of what is going to be covered, and tell them so they can see what is coming and going to be covered.
  • Get permission to do a sales pitch – how you can work together.
  • Bonuses – if you are giving away a gift then let them know about it early and that you’ll come back to it later.
  • Stop reading ahead  – don’t reveal all your slides in one go otherwise you will lose people as they read ahead.
  • The proposition – only have one option – choices lead to inaction.
  • Get some feedback – ask a question to get feedback from your audience, and their participation.
  • Once you reveal the price, let them know what guarantees they’ll be getting.
  • Scarcity – introduce this, it’s a powerful concept to get your audience to take action.
  • Contrast – before you reveal the price create some contrast. How much could they earn or save…the price is less that the benefit.
  • Create a sense of urgency – Include bonuses for attending that are time dependent.
  • Bonuses should be worth more than the price.
  • Q & A – engage with the audience and answer any questions.
  • Always end on value and not on the sales pitch. Leave with a lasting memory of value.

Getting a presentation right it all about practice, you will be able to refine the process with your own style.

Hope you can get some value from this and create some exceptional presentations and webinars.




Article Source: James Miller