A picture paints a thousand words

A picture paints a thousand words, but one phone call can paint a whole picture.

As part of my role I talk to many people each week, sometimes this is coaching, sometimes it is giving advice, guidance or support about Service or Business Development. As the conversation progresses I can build up a picture of what they want or need.  As things progress, and with some careful questioning, this can often lead to solutions being developed or ideas being unlocked.

When you talk to clients or prospective clients over the phone, have you ever considered they actually picture what you are saying? This helps them form their opinion of you and your firm and ultimately if you are a good fit for them. Think about the language you use when talking to people and how they will hear what you are saying.

A few thoughts gained from people I’ve spoken to recently and I’m sure you will have more to add to the list:

  • Tell them what you can do for them rather than what you can’t do
  • Offer them options for solutions and let them pick with your guidance
  • Don’t say ‘It’s not a problem’ say ‘Yes I can do that for you’
  • Tell them what you need them to do in order to complete a job
  • Update people on where you are before they need to chase you
  • When you are asking for something a good start is  – “I hope that you might be able to help me……”

Think about how you phrase something, write it down if needed, say it out loud to a colleague.  How does it come across? Is there a better way of phrasing it?

With practice, you can build your confidence in handling clients and they will build their confidence in you by thinking and changing your language. Better conversations mean better business. Our language is one of our greatest tools, so be smart  – use the right words.


Andrea Higginbottom

Practice Growth Expert