Accountants – they are all the same

Trying to get your business off the ground but it just won’t fly?

The analogy that you are bumping along the runway, seatbelts fastened and awaiting the take-off, but it just doesn’t happen…….

It’s frustrating and regardless of the amount of time and effort you put in….. you are still bouncing along. Sometimes as you are bouncing along you will need to make a decision; do you return to the stand, do you try a few other levers and add a bit more thrust, or do you just run out of fuel?

No one said going into business would be easy, for many it is a dream or some short lived project. Whilst there is no guarantee any business will fly there are a few things that you can do to set the flight path and ensure the best possible chance of take-off.

  1. Do your research – is there a need for your service or product, just because you know your area well it doesn’t mean that there are customers knocking at your door. Be honest with yourself.
  2. Define what you are offering – what is it, who is it for and how can you make it stand out from the crowd.
  3. If your business is your passion – you need to learn to look at it objectively and work on it as a business rather than a hobby.
  4. Give it time, many businesses take off – just when the owner thinks that they can’t go on, they make a few more changes and off they go.
  5. Who is your advisor? Not many in business do it all themselves, they spend their time wisely and employ support when they need it, it might be business advice, it might be technical knowledge, but you need to make sure that you have this in place. John Harvey-Jones said you need someone who really, really understands the figures, not just looking back but someone who is able to help you look forward and make the most commercially sensible decisions. Someone on your side but able to look at your business objectively.

At AVN we work with a group of accountants who pride themselves on doing just that. They work a deeper level with their clients and they really understand what their clients are about – they get what they do because of this they give their clients a great service and time and time again help them become the best they can be.

If you think would like to know more about why our members are different, how they work and how they can be part of our journey to success, I will send you a copy of our Guide to UK’s Best Accountants. This will show you who does what and their specialisms across the whole of the UK, I will send this to you, no charge, just email all…what have you got to lose?