Are you giving away too much for free?

Giving something away for free can be a very effective strategy. It’s a great way to catch attention and engage clients and prospects. But not if it’s something you actually want to be paid for.

If you want to sell your added value services to clients, don’t give them away for free.

Steven Pitchford of Delegate Accountancy found this out the hard way. He wanted to do his best for his clients and provide them with the additional services that would really help them succeed in business. But lumping them in with his standard fee  wasn’t helping his own practice to succeed.

“Any additional work that was seen to help the clients we had to build into our own profit, because the job was priced as it was. So we ate into our profit to give the clients more value. And because it was almost like a free service, we didn’t get any appreciation from the clients.”

Steven found the solution was to change his pricing model. Now when he works out his fees, he builds in time with clients to really listen to what they want. So he doesn’t have to charge additional fees for extra services and no longer needs to have those difficult pricing conversations with clients.

Are you giving away too much for free?

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Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash.