AVN Accountant, Murray Associates, Helps Small Business See Astonishing Growth By Increasing Turnover By £250,000 In Just Seven Months

Glasgow based accountancy practice, Murray Associates has seen extraordinary success for their clients through their innovative mentoring group. The mentoring group helps small business to fast-track their business growth and has been noticeably successful with one client seeing astonishing results: an increase of £250,000 in turnover in just seven months. This story is just one of the many reasons why Murray Associates feature in AVN’s book; The Business Owner’s Guide To The UK’s Best Accountancy Practices.

Standing Out From The Crowd

In a recent interview with Gloria Murray, the founder of Murray Associates, I found out more about the incredible results she has achieved for her clients and exactly why her practice deserves to feature in AVN’s book. AVN, the UK-wide association for accountants, have published a book that is designed to help business owners find an accountant that will help them not only grow their business but also make it more enjoyable to run. The accountants that feature in the book have a proven track record of improving and measuring the numbers that really matter to their clients.

Murray Associates were formed over twenty years ago when Gloria noticed that accountants were not serving their customers as well as they should be. In the interview, Gloria said; I realised there was a need for someone who understood real-life business, not just the theory of it. With ample experience in the service industry, Gloria is not a stereotypical accountant. Gloria sees her role as interpreting the numbers in a way that is meaningful to the clients, to help grow their business and become excellent entrepreneurs.

What Being An AVN Accountants Means

As a long-term member of AVN, Murray Associates utilise the many tools provided to AVN accountants to help businesses achieve success. Gloria uses AVN’s benchmarking tool to help clients to compare their services to the competition. Gloria finds this tool so useful; she provides this service to her clients annually as a review tool. As well as benchmarking, Gloria uses AVN’s Business Potential tool; this helps clients achieve their goals and get to where they want to be, in many cases using this software shows clients that they may have to rethink their business model to get to where they want to be. Further proof that Murray Associates and AVN accountants don’t simply offer standard accounts and management information.

By providing her clients real-life business knowledge, Gloria enjoys working with micro and small businesses who are striving to be the best in their industry. Predominantly in the service sector, Gloria likes to worth with enterprises that have a turnover under £6 million, but who have passion and drive to grow their business.

Find Out More

If you want to discover more about Murray Associates and how Gloria’s practice will go further than standard accountancy practices, they are featured in AVN’s book: The Business Owner’s Guide To The UK’s Best Accountancy Practices. In this book, you can find Murray Associates as well as other accountancy practices that will go further for your business than traditional accountants. Click here: https://avn.co.uk/free-book/ to claim your free copy of the book.

If you would like to watch the interview, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeFmQprNz8s&index=8&list=PLDQoKaIXbLSw1G3RtE5Dp-C25Uyx-zTbU&t=15s

Article Source: Shane Lukas