AVN accountant wins Entrepreneur of the Year Award

We’re so proud of AVN accountant Hazel Bango Moyo! She’s the winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year in the 2023 Women of Stature South Africa Awards – a phenomenal achievement to add to her 2022 AVN Most Inspiring Accountant Award.

The WOS Awards focus on women who mentor and empower other women to have a deep impact that feeds into their community. Hazel is committed to supporting micro and small enterprises that are women or youth led – so the award is particularly meaningful.

“This award has given me access to a network of women who are trail-blazers in their own industries including IT, Engineering, Agriculture, Education, Community, Media, Healthcare and Tourism” Hazel says. “The award also brings with it a responsibility for the winners to make a difference in the lives of less fortunate women. I am most excited about their Woman Rise Mentoring programme as it speaks to the upliftment of professional and business women, as I have taken part in similar programmes throughout my career.”

Committed to supporting small businesses

Hazel started her accounting business, Primorial, because she is passionate about small businesses and the impact that they can have on the economies of South Africa and the African continent at large.

She is already a respected mentor supporting and developing women in the workplace to achieve their full potential and is currently mentoring a Senegalese statistician, living and working in Paris.

She adds, “I am looking forward to getting to know women business owners, in particular those in other industries than mine, to explore how we can use the synergies in our businesses for our mutual benefit. The gala dinner was a great way to celebrate International Women’s Day.”

As an AVN accountant, Hazel benefits from a tailored training and coaching programme. The programme is designed to help accountants develop a fulfilling, enjoyable, profitable accounting business that also supports their clients. Find out more about the 7 stage AVN roadmap in the best selling book by AVN Managing Director, Shane Lukas – Putting Excellence Into Practice.