AVN – Evolution and Revolution

Helping Accountants improve their Accountancy Practice, so they in turn can spend more time with their clients and help them improve their business, has always been AVN’s purpose.

I recently surveyed the members of AVN to ascertain how quickly and effectively they are transforming their Accountancy Practice and I compared that to a survey I performed a few years ago.  The results were fantastic.

Previously, 60% of the members we worked with had seen results and improvements in terms of pricing and profitability but hadn’t really transformed their Accountancy Practice in to a true Accountancy Business that gave them 100% choice about the hours they work, the role they play, the income they take and the difference they make.

In 2018 we conducted a similar survey to ascertain how effective AVN is now at helping Accountants improve their Accountancy Practice and we were thrilled to discovered that 80% were making fundamental changes to their Accountancy Practice that resulted in giving them the lifestyle they desired outside of the Practice.



So, what’s changed?

AVN celebrated its 20th year last year and as I look back over the years, I realised that AVN has changed significantly over that time, in fact it hasn’t simply gone through a natural evolutionary process of building on what it has, it’s gone through a complete revolution in how it helps Accountants.

As I look back at AVN’s history I’d love to share with you the key differences.


Taking a snapshot comparison of 10 years ago, in 2009 I see that AVN…

  • Stood for “Changing the numbers” – the numbers that matter to your clients.
  • Delivered its signature 3 day Masterclass (which has always received outstanding feedback)
  • Provided Training and resources and software that helped accountants to deliver Consulting to clients
  • Supplied Accountancy Practice systems that enabled consistency and efficiency
  • Provided training and software that enabled profitable value pricing – not simply a fixed price.
  • Helped Accountants grow their profile and demonstrate value by running seminars
  • Ran regular training days to help with implementation of all of the above
  • Sent Business Coaches in the Accountants offices to accelerate implementation.
  • Collaborated with complimentary businesses to provide access to a great range of help for Accountants.
  • Employed a team dedicated to nagging and signposting Accountants when they hit challenges.


I’ve listed this in nutshell style of course.

The real challenge with all of the above was that many of the members we worked with felt overwhelmed. Where to start?

There was no logical structure in place for implementation and in most cases, the accountants we worked with needed a lot more hands on help in improving the general running of their Accountancy Practice before being able to provide consulting to their clients.


Leap forward 10 years and AVN is a very different business.

Whilst it still continues to provide all of the above, and indeed all of those things have been evolved and improved over the years, our approach in supporting, training and coaching has undergone a complete revolution.


Things that haven’t and won’t change of course are…

  • Our reason for being – we have always believed that Accountancy is a noble profession that can make a profound difference to their clients.
  • Our commitment to the Profession hasn’t changed.
  • Our amazing, dynamic team culture may have a few difference faces but the passion remains.


AVN in 2019

  • Our mission and focus is enabling Accountancy Practice owners choice – about the role they play, the hours they work, the income they take and the difference they make.
  • Stands for “Inspiring Accountants”. We want to inspire you to become Inspiring Accountant and to be more inspiring to your clients.
  • Our logo represents ideas that improve the numbers that matter to you.
  • We are using our 20 years of experience alongside our 7 stage methodology (the AVN Roadmap) to deliver training and coaching that’s proven to produce more effective results in profitability, enjoyability, improved lifestyle and enables Accountants to make the difference they want to make
  • We will continue to head hunt coaches that have great coaching and mentoring skills, proven business acumen, fit our values, believes and ethos, to form our Practice Growth Expert team
  • We will continue to collaborate with complimentary business but only those that are a fit in values and that will help Accountants accelerate through our AVNRoadmap journey.
  • Our commitment to making a difference extends to impacting on the UN Global Goals because we believe that Businesses are here to make a positive difference locally and throughout the world, making it a better place for everyone.


Help for Accountants who don’t work with us or aren’t ready to yet.

  • We can provide you with a Free Practice Diagnostic Tool for Accountants that helps you see where to focus your efforts in your practice. This reflects the AVN Roadmap Process and provides free strategies to help you see some immediate improvement in results. This can be found at takethetest.today
  • We have put together a completely free training programme called ImproveYourPractice.co.ukThis video based training will take you through selected strategies from the AVN Roadmap, sharing examples of how other Accounting firms have implemented them to help you shortcut the process yourself.
  • Masterclass – the only thing this Masterclass has in common with the 2009 version is its name. The content is fresh and valuable with more takeaways you can implement right away.


For Accountants who choose to work with us…

  • The AVNRoadmap methodology begins with a detailed personalised Practice action plan that focuses on the most important starting points for You to help you achieve immediate ROI both financially and emotionally.
  • We provide even greater Handholding support than ever before with our highly accomplished team of coaches (Practice Growth Experts) taking you through the AVN Roadmaps, helping you with implementation, and getting the results you want.
  • Get access to the only true blue-print for a perfect Accountancy Practice based on research in to the UK’s Best Accountancy Practices, The AVN Roadmaps are designed to and proven to help you achieve the standards within the blueprint whilst ensuring that your Accountancy Practice reflects your personality and uniqueness
  • You are invited to attend workshops where there’s peer to peer collaboration and exercises that leave you feeling confident to implement and take action in your Accountancy Practice.
  • AVN continues to be a networking platform for Accountants and it continues to connect Accountants openly share what’s working and how they’ve made stuff happen and give advice on all areas of running a Practice.


The RISK has gone

Most importantly, we’ve massively reduced, no, removed the risk to Accountants when ascertaining whether working with AVN is for them or not.

Last year we introduced a trial of AVN, this trial is a reduced monthly investment and money back guaranteed because we know we help Accountants we work with to get the results they want in terms of greater income, greater freedom and significantly greater levels of enjoyment in running the Accountancy Practice.

Maybe you have worked with us before.  Is now the time to come back?  Businesses change, dreams change, priorities change.  We know we can help you. Get in touch today and let’s talk about making your ideal Accountancy Practice happen.

Email me directly on shane.lukas@avn.co.uk