Christmas time, mistletoe and…Christmas dinner!

This weekend Victoria had her Christmas tea party with her local group for Contact the Elderly. It was a get together with a difference this month as the group went out for a Festive lunch as a Christmas celebration.

As we know how much Victoria enjoys Christmas and we love hearing about her tea party group, we wanted to help towards making her December get together a special one so we decided to use our monthly donation towards covering the cost of their meal out.

Victoria said “Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, especially as I have a big family who do a lot together but most of our older guests do not have many family or friends, or anyone at all to spend time with so we wanted to make this get together a little more special. Going out for a Christmas meal and spending a little more time together than we normally do was just one of the ways we tried to do a bit more for the group this month.

We had a great time with sharing gifts and generally just enjoying being in each others company – and one of our drivers even invited a guest to spend Christmas Day with him and his family as she had no-one to see on the day! This is what makes these groups so worthwhile and why I love joining in on them so much!

I’m so grateful to the AVN team for using this month’s donation toward the tea party as otherwise we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do this. Thank you!”