Clients that make you miserable can impact your profit

It’s hard to let go of clients, particularly in the current circumstances. But are they worth keeping if they make your life a misery?

If a client is making you stressed and unhappy, that has an impact on the rest of your work. Ultimately it can lead to you feeling demotivated and disengaged. Your team is likely to be feeling the same way too.

So should you let those clients go?

Charlotte Karacaaslan of The Accountancy Space made the decision to sack some of her clients who were making her life miserable. 

“It was a very big step for me because I was so worried about not having their income anymore. But by doing that, I didn’t look at my phone in horror every time there was a message because I was worrying one of these people were there. And I just became more productive because I was happier.”

Since she made the decision, Charlotte has had her best month ever and is enjoying what she does again.

When you grade your clients properly you’ll see who is profitable and who is actually costing you more in time and stress than the fees they bring in. Chances are, the ones who take up your time and sap your energy aren’t really valuable (the 80/20 principle really does apply here). 

Think of the time you could free up

Only you can decide whether to keep them or let them go. But if you do let them go, think about the time that will free up. Time to work with your most valuable clients, the clients who motivate and inspire you to do your best work.

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