Does being part of a professional Accountancy Network pay dividends?

Professional networks are often passive beats with not much happening in the true sense of networking and co-operation. Members can be suspicious about giving too much away and fear about sharing their gains with other Members. I think from my experience of working with AVN, this doesn’t have to be the case.

AVN is a great example of how a Professional Network can be truly beneficial. AVN’s Network not only includes face-to-face training events based around the 7 Roadmaps™, an Annual Conference but also an active closed Facebook group.

I often see posts from Members which:

  • Ask for advice – this might be what software to use or how to get the best out of existing software, how to handle a situation or type of client
  • Sharing practice growth ideas and looking for support in bringing these to life
  • Support from Members who can provide services to complement their offerings
  • Help with bigger jobs where additional resources are needed
  • Specialist advice and service provision and who are the best ‘experts’ in different fields

The list goes on and on………..

This has made me realise that AVN Members don’t compete against each other – what they do is produce a bigger pie for all, creating a win-win situation for themselves and other Members.

This means Members can

  • Deliver the services they want to deliver – rather than feel they need to be experts in everything
  • Get support for each other is areas that they are not as confident in
  • Help each other get work
  • Take on more complex pieces of work
  • Bolster up their resources when taking on bigger jobs
  • Quote with confidence as they know they can pull the right people together to deliver specific pieces of work

In the end not only the Members win, so do their clients because the Member can provide:

  • A much rounder service – they get different areas of expertise
  • True expert business advice

The knock on effect is that clients go away even happier and more likely to recommend their AVN Accountant.

Each day at AVN we see lots of examples of co-operation and firms realising they don’t have to do all of this on their own. As an Accountant would you like to know more? If so book a Discovery Call today