Emma Slack

I trained in accountancy but developed the business consultancy and support “bug” when I saw how much more we could do to help business owners have real control over their business if we focussed more on how we could help them improve the key numbers rather than just reporting on the statutory accounts.

In my role at AVN I get the privilege of helping, training, encouraging and challenging Accountants to become better business owners and develop their practices into the business they’ve always wanted. Not only that, but in the process they become great business growth experts themselves.  For me, the most rewarding part of my job is seeing how your life (and the lives of your team) become so much better.

I have helped to create the  AVN 7 stage Roadmap and am involved in the creation of new tools and resources for members of AVN – look out for these in our regular emails and on AVN’s LinkedIn, YouTube and website.