Goddards Accountants Prove That Cloud-Based Real Time Accounts Can Save Your Business From Imminent Cash Flow Crisis

In a recent interview I conducted with Derek Williamson for Goddards Accountants; I discovered how their accountancy practice utilises innovative cloud-based software to deliver a better service for their clients and how in some cases, they have helped to save businesses from immediate and severe problems, such as a cash flow crisis.

Using The Cloud To Future-Proof Your Business

Goddards Accountants are advocates of leading innovative cloud-based software that helps their accountants and their clients in the here and now as well as future-proofing their business. Derek believes there is no point telling their customers what has happened and when, instead, accountancy practices should seek to focus on the now and do more future planning. By using cloud-based software, Goddard Accountants are able to work with the client on their present-day accounts and be able to plan for the future.

Using cloud-based software has really helped businesses in having more access and more involvement in their business. One of the major success stories that Derek told me was how, through a Skype discussion with his client, he noticed that there was an immediate cash flow problem. With permission from the client, Derek shared the accounts over a cloud-based solution with the client’s bank manager. Derek used the real-time data and projections in discussions with the bank manager, and the result of this was that the client secured an overdraft. Had the client have asked for the overdraft just six weeks later, the bank manager admitted that the request would have been declined.

What Makes An-A Class’ Client?

The story above stresses just how important it is for businesses and accountants to look towards the future of the business, rather than the old-fashioned approach of retrospective analysis. As Derek says; “We believe that the future has got to be in the cloud, and accountants, using the old-fashioned ways are dead in the water.” Goddards Accountants believe that through regular communication with their clients, they can help businesses to save money in the future. In fact, Goddards Accountants call businesses who are concerned about the future their ‘A-class clients’

Using cloud-based software allows the instant sharing of data, which means that discussions with clients, or even bank managers, can happen quickly and efficiently over the web, without time-wasting. In some cases, like the case study above, there is no time to waste in setting up face-to-face meetings, and this is where cloud-based software best comes into play.

Going The Extra Mile With AVN

Goddards Accountants are AVN accountants, which means that these accountancy practices are expected to go the extra mile to help their client’s businesses be more successful and enjoyable to run. AVN provides a wealth of resources to help accountancy practices deliver an even better service for their clients. This makes it easier for Derek and his practice to help clients to prepare for tomorrow with the tools that AVN provides.

The forward-thinking nature of Goddards Accountants means that they have been specially selected to feature in The Business Owner’s Guide to the UK’s Best Accountancy Practices. A free to download book designed to help business owners find an accountancy firm that will go the extra mile for their business and really make a difference.

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Article Source: Shane Lukas