Held to ransom by a team member

Isn’t it funny how sometimes our good nature doesn’t always work in our favour.

I have heard several stories this year of Accountants who have allowed a once trusted team member to become the most terrible of business terrorists.

It often happens because we need someone to turn to, because we don’t have anyone else or because they have been with us “since the beginning”. Because they have supported us when we were down, or under pressure we feel that we have no right to confront them about their inappropriate behaviour or language, lack of following systems,  bullying of other team members (yes, it is bullying – it’s not “just the way they are”), lack of respect for you (which sets a bad example for the rest of the team) and even rudeness to clients (no – it’s not just “ because they are tired”!!)

I’m sorry but in those immortal words…”it’s time to MAN UP!”

You will never have the business you want, the working environment you want, the team you want, whilst they are still around.

So stop kidding yourself that your world will fall apart if they leave, or that your team won’t cope without them, go and get some professional HR legal advice.

Even if it costs you in the short term, think of how lovely it is going to be afterwards.  Surely it’s worth it.  Can you really go on living like this?

Please – for your own sanity and health – do something now!