How could you become great?

The last couple of weeks we have had 2 amazing members achieve AVNExcellence Six Star, which is fantastic achievement and they both have amazing practices.

Big calls out to MDH and Blend Accountants, the two practices that have made massive changes to their practices in the last few years.

But at what point did they become great? Was it the moment that they achieved that award?  When they finally got all those ticks in boxes and were able to promote themselves as an AVN Six Star Excellence member? Well, actually it wasn’t.  The very moment that they achieved greatness is the very moment that they chose to become great. This is the very moment that they chose to make a difference to their business. We’re not talking about massive changes overnight.


How could you become great?

We’re talking about just taking one thing and implementing it within your practise. Looking at one thing that you do, that you could spend an extra 10 minutes and write a system and delegate to someone else. Taking a few minutes to look at the process you have in place for onboarding your clients. Taking a few minutes to look at the process you have in place for identifying additional ways in which you can help your clients. These changes are tiny.

Each and every change that you put in place, you will move towards being great. You can be great by choosing to do the things you need to do. Don’t settle for anything less than the life you’re capable of living. Don’t look back on the past and think, “Wow, I haven’t done very well,” or, look at the future and say, “Well, nothing’s going to change.” Look at where you are today and look at the one thing that you can start changing to make yourself great and to make your practice great.

If you need any help with making those changes, then contact AVN for a chat.