How to win business without losing it in life

Recently I have been considering what is it that drives me. What equates to success and what drives me.

When you ask what is success, you often think of earning money, profit or some other monetary gain. But when you actually really think, this is all irrelevant what really matters is family, health, love, understanding and recognition.

Money is just a mechanism to allow you to do some of these things.

So some golden rules to live by:

  • Live for today
  • Live by your values,what are the values your want to live by? Do you know?
  • Treat the most important thing as the most important
  • Buy yourself some time
  • See the future and create it
  • Dare to dream

When you start to think you really start to question your true drivers in life and what you need to focus on.

Good luck in getting some focus and start enjoying life.




Article Source: James Miller