I get goose bumps when I think about the rush I got from the AVN Masterclass

Michael Hemme is the owner of MDH in Croydon and it’s fair to say that since attending the AVN Masterclass, his practice has transformed from what it once was. But unlike many AVN clients, there was no cliff edge – Michael wasn’t on the verge of a breakdown, finances weren’t running out and nor were team members escaping out of the door. Nevertheless, today his business and life have changed for the better. This is his story.

Life before AVN
Michael was working seven days a week. No systems. Long hours. Burnout was looming in the future. Michael was doing a ton load of the work himself, while investment in team resources was non-existent.

“I had a business that was OK – a shade of average. It was ticking along.
I had historic practices which I learned years previous, which became bad habits.
Customers were paying late – 90 – 95 days, with money locked up in debtors.
At that point, I didn’t have many team members and we were doing ourselves no favours by accepting any old work”.

Michael knew that there must be a better way of working and a strategy out there for growth. Previously he’d attended in-person business courses, yet none had led to tangible changes in his practice that made any long-term difference. After many years in business, he knew it was time for a change. Which was when Michael booked his tickets to the AVN Masterclass.

The AVN Masterclass – A turning point

“I get goose bumps when I think about the rush I got from the AVN Masterclass. I don’t think I’ve ever gone on a business course that’s allowed me to be excited – I was completely pumped.
Walking in, I was ready to take on board what AVN said – but I was also happy to challenge. As it turs out, I had nothing to challenge and everything to now take away for my business planning”.

At this stage, what Michael needed was a blueprint – one that could be imitated. The AVN Masterclass handed him this blueprint – alongside a renewed sense of determination to grow and improve.
When asked what have been the biggest business results following the AVN Masterclass, Michael makes mention of…
• Create client direct debits as standard practice – this has drastically decreased late payers, while increasing average client bills
• Revolutionised pricing with services up, on average, by 30%
• AVN tools (the pièce de résistance, as Michael terms it) – which acted as that long-awaited blueprint that Michael and his team needed

“We went for AVN excellence – and what a journey that was. Since then – three years on – everything has changed, especially my role.
I don’t do compliance work unless we’ve inherited a real mess. A lot of my time is business developing. My team take our jobs to the finishing line”.

This outlook contrasts sharply to how Michael’s day-to-day was previous to AVN; he recalls one gloomy January, way back when, which was a record month in billing. While profitable, he was practically chained to his desk. There was stress and strain – and if this continued it would have led to damaging his health.

“My role as owner is to seek new clients, and not look after the entire client life-cycle. That’s the role of my team. If I concentrate on making sure my team are awesome then in turn they’ll give an awesome service to our clients.
You always think that you can do it best yourself, but the more I invest in my team, the better the standard of customer service they’ll provide”.

Looking ahead…
The profession of accountancy is undergoing turbulent times. As Michael concedes, this is not a time to rest on anyone’s laurels. Automation is happening, but there’s something that humans can offer that computers simply can’t…

“Clients will always like business advice, as they’re very good at what they do but often don’t have the business skills to go forward.
I also think it’s an opportunity to make compliance services better – looking at people’s businesses and balance sheets and helping them with financial services and non-aggressive tax planning (unless the client is 100% crystal-clear as to what they’re going into”.

The AVN Masterclass – Michael’s thoughts on rock solid value.
The AVN Masterclass provides 3 days away from your office where you can really focus on improving your Practice.
As Michael explains, there’s no magic wand. But…

“The AVN Masterclass gave me the best vision, the best blueprint and the best actions that allowed my practice to improve for the future”.

Michael will be at the AVN Masterclass in person. He’s coming along to tell his story – a warts and all run through of how he’s made leaps and bounds changes in his practice, for business-changing and life-transforming results.

Michael will be there to answer your questions and share more insight into how his experience can help you as you start to change your own practice.

To book your place on our next Masterclass, call us on 01246 571191 or email info@avn.co.uk