If Superman was real

In the comic books and films, Superman felt duty bound to use his powers for good.  He’s often portrayed as saving a cat from a tree or preventing the odd jewellery heist and most often in the fictional city of metropolis in the USA.

But if Superman were real do you really think he’d focus his efforts in a city in America or do you think he’d focus on the parts of the world where terrible atrocities take place as the everyday norm. 

For example in Cambodia in remote villages, girls as young as 7 are kidnapped, abused and brutally raped repeatedly until they accept a career in the brothels for the next few years of their lives. 

There are worse things happening in the world than cats stuck up a tree.

Of course the comic book hero Superman doesn’t exist but we don’t need a single hero, we’re all able to do more good and help people in those places by simply making a small impact that we would barely miss and they would gratefully receive.

Givings of just $0.01 can make a difference and that’s not even 1 UK pence.

I personally take comfort in knowing that what I do makes a difference and changes lives here in the UK but I also feel duty bound to extend my reach through the likes of B1G1.comto positively impact on lives throughout the world.

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