Improvement doesn’t happen by chance

Having a wish to improve, earn more money, work less hours doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by deciding on what you want to – having an aim and then working towards it.

Often our role at AVN starts with helping Accountants determine what they want from their lives and business – this isn’t navel gazing or pie-in-the-sky, it a series of determines questions that we know helps structure an improvement plan.

We then help them structure the improvements they want and help them navigate the solutions which are often in SystemBuilder™ or if not, we will help them find them elsewhere. We will also use our skills and business knowledge to support their journey.

It isn’t always easy, and plans can unfold as people progress and indeed as the economy and world at large changes – so we revisit those initial conversations to ensure we are still on track…after all things can and do change.

We also nee to make sure that Accountants have the relevant skills to lead their Practices – this is delivered through a series of Roadmaps™ and each has relevant learning and then actions to undertake back in the workplace.

So it improvement happen step-by-step and in a structured way, at a speed that fits with the Accountants business and personal objectives.

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