It takes time to catch the correct “fish”

Many businesses tell me that they want more customers. They throw lots of money at marketing campaigns with few successful ideal leads.

So who are your ideal clients and what’s the best way to catch them?

It may be an odd link but perhaps you should think of yourself as fishermen/women.

Getting more customers is about:-

  • Preparation.  You need to understand what “fish” you want to catch.  Only by understanding their wants and needs can you ensure that your marketing message has the “right bait” in order to get their attention.
  • Local knowledge.  Where are the best spots “to fish”? Understanding your market place means that you can focus your marketing in the areas where you have the best chance of “making a catch”
  • Being Prepared. Ensure you have all the tools you need and show them as much as possible to your prospects so that they are clear what your offer is.
  • Patience.  It takes time to “catch a fish”.  A fisherman stays quiet so as not to scare the fish away, but they also know not to rush a “nibble’.
  • Perseverance.  Remember that prospects need to take their time.  They need information, information, information to understand the value of your offer.  Remember “No” often means ” I need more information”.  “Not now” gives you permission to contact them again at a later date.
  • Not being afraid to try something different. A fisherman will try different baits, different lines.  How many different ways can you show your prospects your services?  What different challenges can you help them solve?  What can you do that is different from the norm?

Worth thinking about?

Article Source: Emma Slack