Improve Your Practice Day- London, Thursday 4th July

Event: IYP- Improve your Practice Day

Date: Thursday, 4th July 2019

Location: London, near St Pancras Station

Time: 10:00-16:00

Investment: £127+VAT

Do you ask yourself;

A. How do I better communicate my value?

B. How do I deliver powerful business growth advisory services to clients?

C. How do I achieve better profitability?

If you have would like to know the answer then click below to book your place, if you are still not sure, then take a look below for some more reasons why you should attend AVN’s Improve Your Practice Day.

Well, our question to you is

When running your accountancy practice, are you living the dream or are you dreaming of living? 

Are you working more hours than you’d like to and/or not feeling you’re earning as much as you’d like to?

Are you getting the best out of your team and/or want to scale up your practice?


Do you want to add much more value to your client and get a greater understanding of how to deliver paid for advisory services that help you grow the value of your client’s business?

I know, lots of things to think about right, but if you paused for even 1 second to think about them, then this is for you.

A day out of your office is, of course, an opportunity cost to you, you’re not generating an income if you’re at an event but I can guarantee you that this day is an investment, not a cost, the returns are 1000s per cent fold because we share with you crystal clear, take away actions that you can do yourself, simple strategies that will enable you to improve profitability and reduce the amount of effort and pressure on your shoulders to serve your clients incredibly well.

Usually, a low ticket price for an event generally suggests there’s going to be a massive sales pitch but NO absolutely not. 

Our preferred approach is to demonstrate absolute value to you, to give you stuff you can take away and implement in your practice to see quick results.

At the end, we will offer you the opportunity to learn more about the ways we can help and we’ll only do that when the presentation is over with an optional stay behind.

There are many people out there trying to sell their services to you and help you grow your Accounting firm, so as much as Shane hates talking about himself he understands that you would be sceptical if your paths haven’t crossed before.

So here goes…

Shane Lukas is a keynote speaker and has spoken for many of the Accounting governing bodies, including ICAEW  and AAT. He is the author of 6 books, including the International Best Selling book Better Business, Better Life, Better World and UK Amazon Best seller What’s Next For Accountants.

Over the previous 21 years, Shane has worked with over 2700 Accountants through his business AVN helping them achieve their aspirations for their accountancy practice. Accountants improve their profitability, the value they deliver, their ability to choose the hours they work, and helped them make much more of a difference.

Over this time Shane has built up experience of what works, what doesn’t work and developed a 7 stage-structured model that Accountants can use to achieve their own aspirations.

AVN is a UK wide coaching and training organisation for Accountants in Practice. AVN delivers a powerful, hand’s on Workshops, 12-week Practice Improvement Training Programmes and ongoing support for Accountants. AVN help Accountants specifically focus on improving their accountancy practice in 7 Key areas that result in a stronger practice that’s delivering greater value and improving the businesses they work with.

Too many meetings, too busy, your practice is different, you don’t like attending these kinds of events…

 Look, we know that it’s a leap of faith to attend a day like this, the things we’ve mentioned are rationales and concerns, if you’d like to better understand the content before committing, click here and we’ll give you a call at a time that suits you. Here is a link to a youtube playlist that’s packed with testimonials about our workshops from other accountants around the UK and indeed, the world who felt that taking time out of their busy days was more than justified.

We hope you’ll make the decision to put your number 1 client at the top of your list for getting TLC. That number 1 client is your Accountancy Practice.  Come spend a day with me and let me show you how to significantly improve your practice.

So, what do you get on the day?

Shane Lukas from 10:00-16:00 presenting on the below topics. The day is very much tailored to your needs and will include

  • The threats facing the profession right now and the opportunity
  • Your personal strategy
  • Getting clarity about your vision, pricing and marketing strategies.
  • How to attract higher quality clients
  • How to communicate value and deliver higher value services
  • How to better leverage your time so that you can scale up.
  • How to improve the efficiencies and consistencies within your practice
  • How to raise your profile to attract ‘love to get clients’
  • How to make a profound difference using your natural skills with numbers.

There will be lots of refreshments and lunch to keep you energised and focused on the content, and lots of ideas, takeaways and processes to implement in your practice to see quick results when you get back.

All this for just £127+VAT!

We help accountants build a practice that gives them a better choice about

The role they play
The hours they work
The income they take
The difference they make

This is achieved through a fusion of coaching & training delivered by proven experts and handholding accountants through a 7-stage signature roadmap; transforming accountancy practices into rewarding accountancy businesses.

What’s your ideal accountancy practice?

One that gives you emotional and financial reward.

One that’s making a difference to its clients beyond purely delivering compliance work and management information?

AVN helps you put the fundamentals in place within your practice so that no matter what your current circumstances; recently established or long trading, sole partner/multi-partner. We can help you build the practice you desire.

We don’t simply tell you what you should be doing; we work closely with you to help you get the right stuff in place at your pace.

Look, I know that it’s a leap of faith to attend a day like this, the things I’ve mentioned are rationales and concerns, if you’d like to better understand the content before committing, click below and I’ll give you a call at a time that suits you.

book time with Shane Lukas



I hope that you’ll take inspiration from us and make even more of a profound difference to your clients.


Best wishes,