Make your number 1 client happy!

Who’s your number 1 client?

At AVN, we often talk about your number 1 client being your own accountancy practice. It’s vital to look after your own business before you can focus on helping someone else’s. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

But actually, that’s not quite right. Your number one client isn’t your business. It’s YOU.

You are the driver for everything you want to achieve in your business. You’re the one who sets the goals and works out how to achieve them. So making sure that you are the best possible version of yourself is a key factor in making all those things actually happen.

Because if you focus only on your business and neglect yourself, what happens? You simply don’t have that energy and drive to get the results you want. You become less productive, less happy and you risk burn out.

A new resource for you and your team

That’s why we’ve created a new resources section in the AVN Know How Hub called Wellness. And the sub header is ‘Because you and your team matter ‘ because this works for your team too.

Developed by AVN’s own Kerry Riley, Certified Fitness and Wellness Coach, the resources are designed to help you and your team thrive, to be energised and to be more motivated to focus on your goals. From simple breathing exercises to handling the return to the office, they will help you face the stresses of our uncertain world and stay strong, no matter what comes your way.

We will be adding more in the coming weeks, building to a valuable library you can dip into at any time. The Know How Hub already provides you with a huge range of tools and strategies to help build the kind of accountancy practice you really want – the Wellness resources make this truly comprehensive.

To access these new resources, subscribers can just go to the AVN Know How Hub and find the new Wellness category in the Survive section.

If you haven’t yet subscribed to the Hub, find out more here – you can have 30 days access for as little as £1.