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"Putting Excellence Into Practice"

How to make your accountancy practice work for YOU
Discover our proven formula to a profitable, sustainable and advisory-driven accountancy business
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2 Day In-Person Masterclass
5th - 6th October


Maximum number of places is 30 firms
"Absolutely awesome and inspiring"
Chris Viles
Director, Consortio Accountants
What you'll learn...


How to easily achieve your personal and accountancy business goals - fast!
Even if you've been struggling to break through the glass ceiling for years or even decades.

Whether you're a sole practitioner or one of many partners in your practice, chances are you find yourself on an endless treadmill. Are you moving towards your goals at the pace you'd like to?

"I effectively felt like I was taking control for the first time ever since I'd started the company." Val Wishart, Beyond the Numbers

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How to become incomparable so that price is not the deciding factor
Many accountants say they're proactive, they're different, they're accountants and business advisors. They say it, but they don't demonstrate it.

The key to profitable pricing and opening doors for advisory isn't through software, it's how you position your firm.

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How to use your great skills with numbers to help your clients improve theirs
You don't need to have grey hair or an MBA - you're already an accountant and this is a natural extension.

Help your clients improve revenue, profits, cashflow and their personal wealth.

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How to create a great team 
Tapping in to the true potential of the people you work with whether they're employed or outsourced is crucial.

Finding the right people and keeping them motivated isn't as hard as you think.

"In the past it used to be every call came through to me...Now my team take care of the vast majority of it, and I just don't get involved." Val Wishart, Beyond the Numbers

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How to let go without losing control
The shortcuts to systemising your practice and embracing the right technologies to ensure consistently high standards.

So you can take time away from the office whenever you want, while your business continues to grow.

"The automation workshop that I did at AVN head office was amazing." Val Wishart, Beyond the Numbers

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How to ramp up enquiries and get great clients
So you’re highly sought after for the work you want to deliver and for the fees you deserve to get.

Having more clients doesn't lead to more profit or enjoyment – having amazing, love-to-work-with clients does.

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How to change lives and bring even more meaning to your own
This is powerful, it brings everything together and then some.

Use what you learn at the Masterclass to help your clients run better businesses (and have a better life), to help your team develop and grow, and to create a practice that has a positive impact on your community and beyond.

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Discover what excellence looks like
A blueprint for transforming your accountancy practice into a thriving business.

Developed through extensive, across-the-nation research into the UK's best 1 - 3 partner firms resulting in a blueprint that doesn't exist anywhere else in the world.

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Your detailed improvement plan
You will come away knowing EXACTLY what you need to do to get your results.

This event isn't about showing you the possibilities and then leaving it up to you. We want you to reap the rewards of the learning. We'll work with you to create and prioritise your plan that will take you to your dream practice.

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Your risk free guarantee
If at the end you don't feel the Masterclass was worth your investment, we'll refund 100% of your ticket. No quibble.

So there's nothing to lose and no risk to you.

"The best two day course that I have ever been on"
Micheal Dennehy
Positive Cashflow
Network with - and hear from - accountants who have followed this programme and gained results like these...

  • A client agreeing to fees 50 times more than they paid previously

  • A 634% increase in monthly income that totally transformed cashflow

  • Spending over 50% of time working on the business, not in it

  • Having the confidence to take time out of the business to pursue a passion

Does this sound too good to be true?

You can...

  • Pick their brains and delve deeper to understand.

  • Discover how similar their starting point was.

  • Discover how they overcame their fears and self limiting beliefs.

  • Hear the results they're getting and the difference they make.

  • See how they've engaged a great team to deliver much more on their behalf.
Featuring content and presentations from...
Shane Lukas
Author - Speaker - Trainer - Coach
Best selling author of...
Putting Excellence Into Practice
and What's Next for Accountants
plus many more.

Shane has transformed the lives of thousands of accountants by showing them how to create an accounting business that works for them - profitably and systematically - so they achieve the lifestyle they desire. 

At the Masterclass, you'll learn how you can do the same. Our unique roadmap gives you the knowledge and the confidence to start making the changes you've always wanted.

Shane's insights into what really works come from more than two decades of working with accountants, understanding their stress and anxiety and making it his mission to find a sustainable solution.
Emma Slack
Coach - Trainer - Mentor
Emma has been coaching, training and mentoring accountants in practice for over 23 years.

The accountants she works with have gained in confidence, gained in client and team happiness, and gained in fees and income.

 Since working with Emma..."So many wins on repricing have kept coming – 6 more clients have agreed increases of 47%, 51%, 96%, 216%, 230% & 242%!!!!!!!” Adrian Pattison, McGrath Pattison

As an accountant herself, Emma knows all too well the frustrations and challenges of working in practice. She is passionate about finding a better way of doing things and making a real difference to the lives of accountants everywhere.

Leading Practice Growth Experts
Powerful, inspiring insights from our team of Practice Growth Experts, each of whom has decades of experience in successfully transforming the practices and lives of accountants and other business owners.

Our Practice Growth Experts are here to serve you. They'll answer your questions and share hard-won wisdom that you will be able to adopt into your practice. That will enrich your life and enable you to better serve your clients and support your team.

A personal message from Shane Lukas

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Comprehensive workbook
2 days of deep level interactive training
A detailed action plan of how you are going to put this learning in to practice in small, measurable steps.
BONUS Event: Review and Relearn.  8 weeks later, revisit key elements and Q&A to ensure you're using what you've learned.
Opportunities to share ideas with your peers and build relationships
Lunch and evening meal included
Can't make this date? Contact us at info@avn.co.uk or phone 01246 571191.

Already attended by over 3576 Accountants

Sole practitioners and partners of firms like yours
Read their comments...

"The benefits were massive – a much clearer vision for the practice plus a roadmap for getting there.

David Popely
DPA Accounting

"The content of the course was mind-blowing and definitely relevant to my business."

Caroline Dinsmore FMAAT
CP Accounting

“If this doesn't motivate you to move your business in the right direction, nothing will!”

Barry Shaw
Shaw Mitchell

"Incredible value over 2 days."

Herschel Santineer
Glenstone Tax Consultancy

Hear their passion...

Whether it's virtual or physical, accountants who have attended describe the Masterclass as 'exceptional'.
They share the value they took from it and the results they got in the months that followed...
Brendon Howlett, Wood & Disney CA
"Masterclass was the breakthrough moment for us"
Renee Melville, Sharp Point
"Worth travelling 4000 miles for!"
Val Wishart, Beyond the Numbers
"I was blown away with the resources, tools and support"
Aaron McLeish, Together We Count
"You'll get your investment back tenfold"
Is it constant sell, sell, sell?
You've paid for value and value you shall get.
This is not a platform to 'sell to you' it's for us to deliver immense value to you.
Over the 2 days we'll be sharing powerful concepts with you.  Here's how we structure our teaching format...

a) Share with you the concept and strategy that overcome challenges and help you progress your practice.

b) Teach you how to implement these yourself.

c) Show you tools and resources that will act as a shortcut to achieving this.  Some of these tools are part of AVN membership and some are tools that we think you need to be aware of from other providers (we don't have an affiliate arrangement, just based their success rates.)

There is an opportunity to learn more about AVN membership for those interested.

We offer the opportunity to stay behind at lunch time for a 10 minute overview on what membership looks like. To repeat, this is an optional lunchtime session.

Remember, we guarantee to give you your money back if you don’t get value from the Masterclass.
Does this sound familiar?

Inadvertently, far too many accountants run their practices inefficiently. They dislike change and procrastinate over taking important action.

In an ideal world, your waking hours should be fairly divided between running your Accountancy Practice and enjoy spending quality time with your family, your friends and on your health. (By health, I mean keeping active and fit, pursuing interests, and keeping your mind on things outside work).

Sadly, the reality for many is that work is all-consuming. You take on ever more clients who expect you to be at their beck and call but, however hard you work, show little if any appreciation.

Each morning, you arrive in your office with a plan: to cross just 10 items off your to-do list by the end of the day. But, each evening, you’re lucky if you’ve ticked off six. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing, clients have bent your ear and your email inbox has been crazy.

Your employees often bring more problems than solutions and you always have to double-check their work because it’s simply not to the standard you’d like.

There are legislation changes and the endless new technologies to get to grips with. For many people, it’s simply overwhelming.

All in all, the money isn’t great either – especially when you consider how much time you put in. Worse, you’re often challenged on fees and negotiated down. And even when you’ve won the work, the clients go on to dispute the cost of every piece of additional work you do for them as they “assumed it was part of the package!” 

Most importantly, the result of all this is that what should be an exciting, enjoyable and emotionally rewarding experience – having your own business – isn’t.

One of the saddest parts of our work is hearing just how many of the accountants we speak to deeply regret missing out on important times with their children as they’ve grown up or their life partner as the relationship has died. Their pain, as they acknowledge that they’ll never get those opportunities again, never gets any easier to bear.

In all the scenarios outlined above, the accountants have exceeded their working capacity by far – and yet it’s an inefficient capacity.

There is a better way.  If any of this has resonated with you, this course is a must attend. You'll discover the steps needed to establish an efficient capacity; one that will enable you to work a fraction of the hours you currently do, whilst earning significantly more. Not only that, but you’ll be working with fantastic clients who both respect and appreciate you; clients who know they’re getting a great service and are happy to pay a premium for it.

Now, what about those for whom none of the above has resonated so far, because you’re working a manageable amount of hours and taking home a reasonable income? No doubt you’re asking yourself...

“Why change?”

The answer is: Because the world around you is changing.

Firstly, there’s that ever growing number of ‘cheap accountants’ to compete with.

Then there are the advancements in technology.

Many business owners, for example, already think you simply click a button and – voilà! – finalised accounts appear. That may not be the case just yet, but in reality how long will it be before it is? – it’s nearer than you dare to think.

The practice of the future then is one that will be happy for computers to crunch the numbers, while the role of the accountant will be directly client facing. In other words, your role will be to sit with clients and to go through the real-time data with them: identifying strengths and weaknesses, producing trends and forecasts, and carrying out ‘what if’ exercises to examine the ways in which their businesses could be improved.

There are software tools out there designed to help you identify and deliver advisory solutions but the reality is that the tools aren't enough.  You need confidence, you need the right approach, you need to understand how to deliver powerful advisory solutions that clients will gladly pay premium fees for.


"Putting Excellence Into Practice"
The AVN Masterclass

This is not a 'happy clappy', 'souped-up', 'over-hyped' event that tells you what you should be doing but not how to do it. 

Of course,  you will be motivated and inspired. AND it's packed full of content rich, proven-to-work concepts and strategies. Conveyed in bite-sized, easy to understand, step by step chunks that you CAN implement yourself.

The 2 days are structured around the principles within the best selling book - Putting Excellence Into Practice.


You will come away inspired.


You will come away motivated to grow your practice into a thriving business.

You will come away with crystal clarity on what to do and how to do it.

Accountants describe this event as a game changer and a life changer.

You might be thinking... My practice is different, my location affects my success, I'm not good at business, I'm not as good as all of those other accountants. 

We will challenge those beliefs and demonstrate to you that you absolutely can achieve your dream practice and life.

Can't make this date? Contact us at info@avn.co.uk or phone 01246 571191.

If, in the unlikely event you don't feel that the event was worth your investment we will provide a 100% refund on your ticket. No quibble.

In-Person Masterclass 5th/6th October SOLD OUT
Next AVN Masterclass March 2022
Email info@avn.co.uk to register your interest
Your ticket includes...
Comprehensive workbook
A fully loaded workbook to ensure maximum retention of the course material. Posted to your door (if event booked 5 working days in advance of Day1, otherwise the workbook will be emailed)
2 days of world class content
Powerful, proven strategies taken from the AVN exclusive 7 part  formula delivered in bite sized, simple steps so that you can easily implement them in to your practice.
In-person event details
Jurys Inn Sheffield City Centre
119 Eyre Street
S1 4QW

By road: M1/Junction 33 (from north) Junction 29 (from south)
By rail: Sheffield Station (8 mins walk))

This will be a Covid-safe event.
We will follow all current guidelines on social distancing and mask wearing and ask that you do the same.Your safety and health are our priority.


Terms and Conditions: All tickets are valid for the "Putting Excellence Into Practice" Masterclass held on the date you have selected only. It is not redeemable for cash but may be transferred one time to a subsequent Putting Excellence Into Practice Masterclass if requested not less than 14 days prior to the start of the event.

All material presented including workbooks and multimedia contain protected trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property.  The material is for the exclusive use of attendees of the Putting Excellence Into Practice Masterclass presented by Shane Lukas and AVN Practice Growth Experts.

They are not to be shared and may be withdrawn at any time without notice - especially if someone is unfairly using the material other than for their own personal learning.