Prepare now for a stress free summer holiday…

… and how to avoid the post-holiday blues!

By Kerry Riley, AVN Practice Growth Expert


When I think about the 6 weeks summer holiday my palms start to sweat and my stomach goes into knots.

How am I going to juggle work and the school summer holiday???

If you’re like me and suddenly have 2 small humans at home, 24 hours a day for 6 weeks, then I feel your pain. Holiday clubs are few and far between and cost a small fortune. But the thought of taking time off work to be with the kids just adds pressure. How will I cope with the amount of work I’ll have to do when I get back?

It shouldn’t be this way! A holiday should be a relaxing reprieve from your busy work life, not an additional stressor. In order to recharge your mind, body, and soul you should be completely present on your holiday. So here’s how to achieve it.

Prioritise your workload

Set clear and realistic goals for what you want/need to achieve before you leave and what you can pick up when you return. Setting up a Trello board is a great way to prioritise your work and categorising your tasks makes it easy to see what you need to focus on – Do (things to do today); Schedule (things to schedule for another day); Delegate (pass to someone else); Do later (when you return from holiday) Find out more about Trello here –

Book free time

Be strategic with your diary. Ensure that the day before you go on holiday is clear so you have time to tie up loose ends. Also clear the day you return from holiday so you can deal with anything urgent and catch up on your inbox.

Communicate with your clients

2 weeks before you go away, put your holiday dates in your email signature. This keeps clients updated so if they need anything they can ask before you leave. Ensure your out of office is on with the dates you go and return and who to contact in your absence. If there is no one for them to contact then refer them to your Q+A page on your website or the HMRC for information. Don’t forget to update your voicemail in the same way.

Empower and trust your team

If you have a team, your holiday is the perfect time to let them step up and show you what they can do. The more you can leave to your team, the easier your holiday will be and your clients will know they can rely on your company.


Communicate key details for each client to your team. Ensure they will continue doing what needs to be done so that you’re not overloaded when you return. Check your calendar for the month when you return and plan with your team what needs to be done in preparation. This will give you peace of mind that your clients are still being looked after. If you don’t have a team, email your clients with instructions and dates of what you need on your return.

Summer holiday rules

We all know it’s difficult to switch off, but you need time out, not just physically but mentally, to avoid stress and burnout. This improves your mental health and will make you more creative and productive when you return. So, set your expectations by answering these questions:

Will I be checking my emails? If so, when and for how long? Set a limit and let your family know.

Do you want to be unreachable except to your team who can only text in an emergency or would you feel better checking in every other day?

I can’t guarantee that things won’t go wrong whilst you are away. But what I can guarantee is that implementing these top tips will mean that you are organised and prepared to have the holiday you deserve. So you don’t come back to the dreaded post-holiday blues – and can start planning your next holiday!