Profile Award Winner 2018 – Beyond The Numbers

The Profile Award – Become highly valued and highly sought after by your ideal prospective clients. 

Quick read… Beyond the Numbers are no stranger to the AVN award stage. Having won the tough title of Clarity in 2017, here they are again – picking up our award for raising their Profile among their target market.  


Lifting the Clarity Award led to a lift in confidence 

Stepping up onto the AVN stage to collect the Clarity Award was a nerve-wrecking experience for Val – who sat down to be interviewed in front of an audience. This, as it turns out, would be the first of many stomach-churning moments over the coming 12 months. 

 “Winning the Clarity Award proved to be a real catalyst for change for us, giving us the impetus to start to work on raising our profile within the business community in Edinburgh”. 

After the awards, Val was determined to face her fear of public speaking, master it, and raise the profile of the firm by getting out there and up on as many stages as possible. And once the wheels were in motion, there was no stopping them… 


Telling the Beyond the Numbers story 

It wasn’t long before the first opportunity arrived – a strategic planning day for 100 Scottish business members in the Action Coach community. Val was asked, and accepted, an invitation to speak about what Beyond the Numbers had achieved in the last 12 months. Val thought her voice shook. But her audience clearly didn’t, as three attendees later approach her to discuss working together. Not long after, each of the three signed up as a client. 


Ambassador for a national networking organisation 

How the tables turned in November 2017 – as Val stepped up onto stage not to receive an award, but to present one. This came about after she was asked to become an executive team member and ambassador for WeDo Scotland, a prestigious support, networking and knowledge sharing organization supporting entrepreneurs in Scotland. Sitting on the judging panel, Val later presented the award for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2017. 


Enlightening business owners 

Talk about momentum. Barely two months had passed when, in January 2018, Val was asked to present a seminar to her coach’s clients. The topic would be understanding the numbers in their accounts to drive business growth. Val is now officially the ‘Go To’ in the group for help and advice on all things financial.  

From this, Beyond the Numbers gained two new clients.  

The success of the seminar was an inspiration for Val, Alan, and her coach, who soon set up a club for business owners to learn and network. 


The Really Good Business Club 

That club was Christened ‘The Really Good Business Club’ – which began with some friends of the firm who were experts in their field. The news about the club spread quickly, and today meets monthly, with a different speaker and topic each time. The experience is always fresh, and members are happy to share their own knowledge, while networking, making contacts, and forging friendships. 

Already they’ve covered topics such as: ‘Creating the Right Environment for Your Team’, ‘12 Top Tips to Keep Your Website Tiptop’ and ‘How to Choose the Right Business Model for Growth’. None of which, notably, is about Accountancy! 

Through the club they’ve gained new clients and educated business owners – including their own. The key message that has come across loud and clear is that they are so much more than number crunchers. They are advisers – able to help with all areas of business. 


The countdown to Val’s AVN conference speech 

In 2018, Shane at AVN invited Val to share her story at the AVN conference. At this point, Val decided that she would finally overcome her fear once and for all by engaging a public speaking coach. 

After some months in training, picking up new techniques, facing her nerves, and developing her speech, Val continues to make progress. Those attending the conference should eagerly await her appearance to see for themselves the results of her work.  


Getting social 

To cap off what has been a vintage year for PR, the Beyond the Numbers team have also been busy across multiple social channels by gaining social proof for their website in the form of client testimonials; and being active on LinkedIn – promoting both the Really Good Business Club and WeDo Scotland, as well as updating their contacts with their new blogs. 

Beyond the Numbers have been incredibly effectively at impressing their clients and growing their presence. One recent result of their work was an enquiry from a business owner who had asked three people who they would recommend – with each recommending Beyond the Numbers. 

They continue on their mission to raise their profile – focusing on providing help, advice, information and introductions to business owners in Scotland. 

We look forward to hearing what Val has to say when she takes her spot on our conference stage.