Purposeful Award Winner 2018 – wood and disney


The Purposeful Award – Access to proven coaching programmes and methodologies. Making a difference, changing lives and choosing to be able to give something back to the local and wider community. 

Quick read… Wood and Disney are committed to making a difference to their clients’ lives. Here are just four examples of what they do day in, day out, to drive business growth and improve personal lives. 


Case Study 1: The journey of a start-up business that’s not going it alone 

Wood and Disney’s first case study represents what could be considered as the ideal start to a fledging business; expecting a quiet first year, but instead flourishing, with the aid of ongoing, exceptional support from Wood and Disney – which has become a major company asset. 

Not only have Wood and Disney been commercial confidants, but they’ve also been entrusted with the client’s sensitive health matters, which has shaped the plans for the company. Their knowledge and understanding proved invaluable throughout the business’ inaugural period, and the company exceeded all expectations with provisional operating profit margins of over 40% in the first 10 months of trading. The client has even passed on this good work, by helping those in the community over the tough winter period. 

 “It is not easy starting in business and a business is only as good as its team. I count Wood and Disney as part of my team. Well done!!” 

Client testimonial 


Case Study 2: A first home, made possible 

After multiple mortgage rejections, a client contacted Wood and Disney for help. Following a year of advice and accounting from the team, the client finally took hold of keys for her first home.  

Among the poor advice from previous accountants was an unsuitable approach to company car and debt factoring. Safe to say that after this experience, the client’s faith in the profession was fully restored. 


Case Study 3: Profits up, taxes down, and home overpayments made  

In another mortgage-related case, Wood and Disney worked alongside the business owners of a company to improve the profitability of their business. 

The team’s business advisory services were central to not just realising this dream, but also achieving incredible tax savings of over £45K in the past 4 years. Today, their clients instead make regular overpayments towards their mortgage.  

“I am constantly delighted with the comprehensive and tailored support that we receive; they are a wonderful bunch of professionals.  They are forward thinking and always take the opportunity to give advice on improving our profitability.  I can’t think of anyone I would trust more with our accounts” 

Client testimonial 


Case Study 4: From arrears and penalties to a thriving business 

The fourth and final case study began as the exact opposite of an ideal client-accountant relationship. A partnership of three were always late, didn’t keep their records up-to-date, regularly incurred avoidable penalties and were always paying in arrears.  

In just two short years, everything changed. Company turnover increased by over 135%, whilst maintaining an impressive profit margin of 25%. This would lead to a change in VAT status – requiring a switch from cash accounting to invoice accounting. They’ve also reduced debtor days, down from 82 days to just 45. Now the client can pay their increased VAT bill free from hardship. 

After ongoing discussions and further support, the company continues to experience an upward trend in growth, with turnover increasing again by a further 58%. 


Making an impact (all over the world) 

Wood and Disney now proudly display B1G1’s sustainable goals and GAMGAM details on their office wall – which serves as a powerful way to showcase their ‘do good’ difference.  

This year, they set a goal of making 10,000 ‘impacts’ as part of the B1G1 scheme. In just 5 months, they’d made 25,000 – including… 

  • Providing 100 days of dental hygiene to children in Morocco thanks to a client in the dental industry 
  • Donating a five-year supply of seeds to parents of malnourished children in Malawi  
  • Sponsoring and providing a training kit and equipment for a student to help find employment in Cambodia 

“We are extremely grateful for the help and support we have received from AVN during this journey. We have fully encouraged all the team to get involved where they can”.

Wood and Disney know just how valuable their support and guidance can be to their clients. They aren’t in the business of numbers, not really. What they do is change lives. And for that, they proved to be worthy winners of our Purposeful award.