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  • Your 'Shane's hand picked growth book bundle' (worth £96)

  • This is purely your first month's payment, our team will migrate you to direct debit for future payments.
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  • You commit to working with AVN for a minimum of 12 months.

  • If, at any point in any month, you don't feel you have had value, we will refund you that month's membership fee. Our policy is no quibble.

  • You have a 7 day cooling off period - effective from your first coaching session.
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Trusted by your peers, with an outstanding 5 stars on...
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More recommendations from Accountants like you.
Heed the advice of your peers

Insights from just a few of the many, many accountants we have worked with and why they recommend you take this important step.

What you get...
From Practice Growth Experts
Starting fortnightly to get the momentum going, your Practice Growth Expert will work with you to help you implement change and improvement in a structured way.  Acting as a sounding board, advisor and accountability coach, your progress will accelerate with their expertise behind you.
Business Skills training

In-depth and regular training to help you develop your business skills.

Improving your skills in pricing, marketing, added value, advisory and consulting, people and leadership.

Enabling you to grow the business you want and to better advise your clients too.

Your proven strategy
This isn't some 'sounds good' acronym. This is a methodology, proven to accelerate hundreds of accounting firms to their vision of success.
This methodology is supported by training workshops, coaching and group support to hand hold you every step of the way.
Your trusted team of advisors
When you become an AVN member, as well as the AVN team of experts and your dedicated coach, you also get access to the AVN members community.  AVN members' shared values include collaboration and peer support and they openly share advice with each other. Great advice is always just a question away.
A full suite of practice systems
Ready to tweak and personalise  systems that you can implement to ensure you meet consistently high standards of delivery every time. Add high value bells and whistles within your customer service to make it outstanding and systemise every other part of running your practice on a day to day basis so that you can delegate effectively and free up your time.
Getting new clients

Your full spectrum of marketing resources ranging from simple, quick-win client attraction resources through to full blown sales pipeline, helping you attract your perfect clients


Referral strategies
Press releases
Facebook ads
Golden carrots
Landing pages
Lead 'warming' series

and much, much more

Pricing for your value

Pricing isn't something that comes naturally to anyone so our pricing resources enable the most fearful accountant to price their worth.

Price is only a deciding factor when the value hasn't been effectively communicated.  

These resources enable you to add more value, communicate it and become much more profitable as a consequence.

Make a profound difference

Training in both selling and delivering outstanding business growth advisory services to your clients; increasing your fees by tens of thousands.

Complemented with access to many hundreds of business growth resources and proven methodologies that you can use in a structured manner with your clients to help them focus on improving their business. You'll be able to bring massive value to them, holding their hand as they get their lives back.

Your leveraged growth

Whether you wish to grow a little or a lot, you'll need to ensure your time is leveraged so that you're only working the hours you want to and fulfilling only the role you wish to within the business.  

Scalability mechanisms enable you to do this successfully.

This is significant...

Making the decision to get out of the rut, to get focussed on making your accountancy business work for you is significant.

With the expertise and experience of a team of really experienced people behind you, plus the proven, exclusive methodology they will guide you through, you’ll be able to…

  • Visualise and plan your future
  • Make better decisions
  • Face up to the things you're tolerating
  • Avoid the costly mistakes
  • Discuss, question and consider next moves
  • Be guided through the hard times
  • Be accountable to make progress
  • Improve your business skills
  • Shortcut your way to implementing actions 
  • Turn your practice into a profitable, successful business
  • Turn your life into something even more enjoyable.

Getting there will happen significantly more quickly and more cost effectively with our help than going it alone.

My confidence, your assurance

I know that we at AVN, a team of experts, enable the accountants we work with to get AMAZING results - and incredibly quickly.

I'm so confident that we will do this for you that I put in the following to give you assurance... 

7 day cooling off period
When you sign up from THIS page, you get a 7 day cooling-off period that starts AFTER your first coaching session with your Practice Growth Expert. WHY? Well, you can't gauge the value of AVN until you've experienced the value of AVN.  When you sign up today, your Practice Growth Expert will be assigned to you and we will agree a date for your first session.  Your cooling-off period begins from that session. 
Guaranteed value every single month
We will bring you outstanding value every month that enables you to progress toward your vision. If, in any month, you don't believe we've delivered on that promise you can simply inform us of that and we'll refund that month's payment, no quibble, no questions, no Spanish Inquisition! The value is at your discretion.

That makes signing up today

  • No risk to you, the risk is mine.
  • A turning point in your life where you make the decision to improve it.
  • The start of a beautiful journey ahead for you and your family.

So what are you waiting for?  

Time is running out
Why are you here?

You know that building a successful accountancy practice hasn't been easy. BUT YOU CAN DO THIS!

Your pricing hasn’t been as profitable as it could be. You haven't attracted the types of clients you really want. And you're not selling enough of the services you really want to deliver.

That's why you're here, now on this page, toying with whether or not to take the decision to improve things.

You can do this on your own, but why re-invent the wheel?  Why take the longer road when there's a quicker way?

Is this a cost? Or an investment?

We often look at the price and think, "ah!..... I’ll just carry on figuring this stuff out."  But at what greater cost?

How much money are you leaving on the table right now?

Perhaps you’re not pricing your services as well as you could be - and should be - which doesn’t reflect your worth?

Or, perhaps you’re missing opportunities to offer greater value to clients for even better fees?

What’s the cost to your health when you’re working really hard, all of the time, and yet still not achieving the lifestyle you’d like?  

What’s the cost of the strain on your relationship at home when your mind is on nothing but pleasing clients and hitting deadlines?  

What’s the cost when you keep telling your kids that you’ll play with them tomorrow? And yet, tomorrow doesn’t come. How long before they stop asking and just give up?

What if, instead of low paying clients with high expectations, you had great clients who pay you premium fees for the basic work you provide and pay you even more for advisory services? So you have more income to invest in a bigger team or outsourcing, freeing up your time to do more of what you love?

Isn't it time you took control of your life and your future? By getting help, knowledge and expertise to make your practice a success so you can live the personal lifestyle you most seek?

AVN is an investment because it gives you multiple returns. Increasing your income through the value of the services you provide. Significantly reducing your stress and pressure levels by cutting down the hours you work. And increasing your enjoyment and energy levels - because when we do stuff we love, it's effortless.

Do you feel you need to get your ducks in a row first?

The ducks will never be in a row.  The circumstances will never naturally fall in to place.

I’ve often heard people say, just another 10 clients and things will be ok.

It’s up to you to make the decision to take control of your business and together, we’ll make the ducks work for you, on your terms.  

Still undecided?

If by now you’re still undecided then it comes down to trust. Either, you don’t trust me and my team at AVN to give you the support, training and shortcuts you need to achieve your ideal practice, or you don’t trust yourself that you have what it takes to make this happen.  

I believe in you.  I have worked with so many accountants over the years from different backgrounds, cultures and levels of experience. Most have doubted themselves, most have told me they have imposter syndrome or they simply can’t attract the right clients or they’re worried that changes in their practice will upset the apple cart.  

The reality is that they went from strength to strength the moment they took the first step.  The first step is the scariest one which you’re facing now; if you don't take the first step, you'll never know.  

The psychology of just making this decision will change your mindset and give you a sense of determination.

Of course, there’s a sense of trepidation, there’s the worry after the decision... did I make the right decision?

Please trust that you will have because this is a major step in transforming your business and life. Those kinds of decisions always come with fear.

Remember that fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. It means that negative voice in your head is on hyperdrive, looking for reasons not to change.

My advice and recommendation is go for this.  There’s nothing to lose. We wouldn’t have been in business for 23 years if we weren’t successful at helping accountants improve their practice and lives and are true to our word.  

Integrity is the most important value we have.  

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