The Business Owner’s Guide to the UK’s Best Accountancy Practices – Rennie Evans Interview

Hi, I’m Shane Lukas, the Managing Director of AVN and in conjunction with the release of our new book The Business Owner’s Guide to the UK’s Best Accountancy Practices, I have been interviewing some of the UK’s best accountants. These interviews have helped me to gain further insight into what makes their practices so different and why they deserved their place in the book.I recently interviewed Rennie Evans, who is the Managing Director of the Manchester based firm, Prospero Accounting Ltd to find out how his business goes the extra mile for their clients, by helping businesses to become more successful and more enjoyable to run.

During the interview, Rennie shared with me a wonderful story of one of his most successful clients. A grandfather, with his granddaughter in a pushchair, walked into Prospero’s office, without an appointment and asked them to help him and his colleagues start a business. This is a prime example of where most accountants wouldn’t have wanted to help, but Prospero took it upon themselves to help this client every step of the way.

This action has paid off for both the client and Prospero as the business now has a turnover of £10 million, is extremely profitable and has branches across the world. What͛s more interesting about this incredible story is that the client is a chartered certified accountant himself yet still comes to Prospero for advice and regularly acts on their recommendations. This is a wonderful example of how Prospero is helping businesses to grow and achieve success.

What makes Prospero stand out as an accountancy firm is that they are a forward-thinking company that takes advantage of leading technologies which helps their business as much as it helps other businesses. Prospero uses cloud-driven and remote technologies so that their team of accountants can operate from anywhere around the world, Rennie himself has even operated the business from New Zealand. By storing all of the client’s data remotely, it means that their team can work from home or the most favoured approach of working from the client’s business site.

Rennie prefers his team to go out and work from the client’s business site regularly so they can understand how the company is operating and look for any areas of improvement or help to spot any potential issues. As with any accountancy practice, Rennie’s team still have to conform to the necessary evil of accountancy in regards to things such as audit compliance, but they truly do want to help their clients in other ways by offering advice to help businesses improve their cash flow and become more profitable and successful.

If you want to find out more about Rennie and his firm, Prospero, you can find them in our book, The Business Owner’s Guide to the UK’s Best Accountancy Practices. You can also download Prospero’s free book, How To Build A Successful Business To Achieve The Lifestyle You Desire, from

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Article Source: Shane Lukas