Turning things around completely

Trevor had fallen out of love with accountancy.

He had an ok practice. A decent number of clients.  A team that mostly got things done. Mostly.

But cash was still tight and the hours were too long. Ultimately, he was spending too many hours running around for people who really didn’t appreciate what he was doing for them.

He was at a point where, if someone were to offer him a token sum to buy him out, he’d have snapped their hand off.

Instead, he came to the AVN Masterclass – and his world has never been the same since.

Finally, he’d found what he was after unaware, until now, that he’d even been looking.

Now he could see how a practice could be run – should be run.  He met people who were doing it, so he knew it wasn’t an empty theory.  And here were all the tools needed to make it happen, backed up by step by step instructions on how to do pretty much anything.

You name it and, if you need to do it too, there will be a system for it and all you need to do is follow it.

Trevor instantly took the top end package which gave him an extra level of support in order to help implement things quickly and he threw himself into the tools and systems

We visited his offices and mapped out a new vision for him, something that had never even been in his thought processes before.  Naturally, this vision was connected to his personal goals and we also pulled out the key actions to take and the main measures to track in order to make it work.

His vision now is, not only to become a highly respected advisor in the area, but to create an office structure with systems that can be replicated and expanded around the wider region.

And all of it is based on giving high quality, targeted service that really makes a difference to their ideal clients, who will be fewer in number but happy to invest a much higher fee level than the current clients who just wanted statutory accounts doing.

As well as working directly with Trevor, we also ran a team day where everyone got together and pulled together a number of projects, for which the team became responsible.

We also conducted a team profiling exercise so each member knew their preferred communication style and how to adapt it to work better with their colleagues.

The last year truly has been a transformation.  Trevor now loves what he does.  His clients are happy to pay much more than he could ever have conceived possible. His team is energised and pro-active to the point where he does hardly anything now, as regards client work, and can spend all his time working on the business rather than in it.

Together they are making his vision a reality.

It’s a good job he didn’t quit when he did and instead came to the AVN Masterclass.

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