What’s all this stuff about values?

Have you ever met someone and found it difficult to strike up a conversation, don’t necessarily ‘get’ what they’re saying?  Chances are they don’t have the same values as you.

Your values and beliefs differentiate you as an individual and attract like-minded people to you. Those with the closest values are your loved ones, your very close friends, but you also want to have a team and customers with similar values, so you enjoy spending time with them.

Those people we get on with really well, often share similar values.


But how do you know what your values are?

It’s important to take the time to sit down as the business owner and work out what you really stand for. If you aren’t sure where to start then why not look at the links below for some inspiration.






Walking the talk.

Shane Lukas, MD at AVN has shown this week that he definitely stands by his values– having the choice to spend time with loved ones.  He had the opportunity recently to speak in front of over 100 accountants at a conference.  Unfortunately, he had already booked the day off work to take his son to a theme park, as his son was finally tall enough to go on the big rides.  He’d specifically chosen this day because it was a school training day rather than the weekend or school holidays, meaning that it would be less busy and they would get to go on many more rides.

Now, Shane could have easily gone home to his son and said “I’m really sorry but something has come up at work and we will have to rearrange”, but instead he told the conference organisers that he wouldn’t be able to make it, and suggested another AVN team member speak, meaning that he is able to keep his promise to his son.


Where to start in creating your values

Think about 3 people that you know very well, where the qualities that you see in them you really like.

What are the qualities about them that you really like?

Prioritise these qualities, combine them and get them down to around 3-5 values really appeal to you.

Write those out, put them on your website, and create a video explaining what your values actually mean.

By you clarifying your values and making them visible, they will attract the right sort of clients and team that also have similar values, meaning that you will enjoy going to work and spending time with the people that you share most of your week with.