When did you last work on your accountancy practice?

Here at AVN we see many Accountants change their lives and change their Practices.

All of these Accountants are at different stages in their business, all with different client bases, all starting with different aspirations for their business.

What they do have however is a determination to succeed, a determination to not just put up with doing the same thing day-in, day-out and a determination to make life better for them, their team and their clients.

All of these Accountants did the same things and took 3 days out of their business, to work on their business. They attended the AVN Masterclass which provided them with an opportunity to see things differently and simple, easy to implement, take away strategies to help improve their practice. Accountants who attended the AVN Masterclass said that the course ‘gave them better direction and courage’.

Attending a Masterclass is hard work, but you get out of it, what you put in and it can be the catalyst to change in your business.

There are two types of people who talk to us at AVN – those who believe that the problems are everyone else’s fault and they just have to live with it and those that seek to understand their business, make systemic changes and do things differently.

We accept both!

The AVN 3-day Masterclass can be a great starting point and provide direction on where to start, the possible things you may need to address and help to start improving your business. It will provide a massive stepping stone in moving your business forward.

If you would like to know and find out if the Masterclass is the right next step you call us on 01246 571191 or visit www.avn.co.uk/masterclass