You’re not alone.

We recently ran an event with some of our members where we shared our challenges and came up with solutions and resources to help.

When we asked what the most valuable part of the day– they all said– without exception– that it has been finding out that others in the accountancy profession have the same issues and concerns as themselves.

That’s what AVN is all about.  Being part of a community where we all share and support each other.  Plus, all AVN members are supported by their own Practice Growth Expert, outstanding training and support and a huge amount of tools and resources to make your life easier, your business stronger, and your team more involved.

How does that sound to you?

Want to find out more?

The AVN 3 day Masterclass will show you all you need.

Most 3 days courses would cost you in the region of £3000 but we know that the real cost to you is giving up 3 days of work time– which is why we only ask you for £297+ VAT to cover our basic costs.

Invest 3 days of your time in you and your business and we promise you will go away with a clear action plan of how you can start building the business you have always wanted, working the hours you choose, taking the income you want and making a difference.

Our next 3 day Masterclass is in October– so reserve your place now at