9 years 4 months 6 days…

The 1st October 2007 I started my journey working with Owner Managed Accountancy firms helping them to become the most successful and enjoyable to run in the world.

Starting out slow it was a case of answering reactive queries slowly building my relationships and gaining that ‘know, like and trust’ factor.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of firms helping with subjects including pricing, marketing, systemising, cross-selling and growing.

I moved to proactively calling firms, becoming a monthly touch point to ask questions and brainstorm ideas with.

I then began my role as a presenter, running live training events to members at our head offices and running training webinars online on a number of topics that were being discussed on the one to one phone calls.

Now I would like to start to record these ideas in this blog. Bringing these ideas on a new easily accessible platform which i hope is productive and helpful to all that read it!

Thank you for taking the time.



Article Source: Laura Newby