C is for Clarity

Our research has shown that Accountancy Practices suffer from the similar issues and their ability to deal with them effectively is often governed by their own understanding.

Therefore the first step is to get Clarity on what you as an Accountancy Practice owner is looking to achieve from your business and develop a plan around that.

This may be to earn more, work less, develop your team, retire or something else. This is a personal journey to achieve your aspirations.

Sometimes in multiple partner firms the goals of each partner can be different and maybe focus in different directions. This can cause some conflict but to be able to move your practice forward, they need to be addressed and resolved.

AVN has developed its Clarity Workbook to do just this. It is part of a personal action plan helping you develop the way forward for your business. Based on a telephone session with one of our Practice Growth Experts we create a personalised action plan, which sets out where you are now and where you want to get to and by when. It identifies potential areas of weakness and strengths and then allows you focus on these areas and make great leaps forward in developing your practice.

Already 50% of our membership has started on their personal journey and it has been extremely well received. If you are an AVN Member then contact one of the team to book your Clarity call. If you are not an AVN Member then give us a ring on 01246 571191 or email us at info@avn.co.uk and to find out more about AVN and how we can help you drive change in your practice.

Clarity is just the starting point of our workbook series, leading you through various steps to AVNExcellence in your practice.

Article Source: James Miller