Getting Leads For Accountants

Representing AVN Accountants, Emma Slack and I have spent 2 days at The London Business Show – exhibiting and presenting to Business Owners of all sizes, length established and of an incredibly diverse set of industries and niches.

22,000 Business Owners were booked to attend and the footfall was huge. The book The Business Owner’s Guide to the UK’s Best Accountancy Practices caught the attention of many passer’s by which triggered some valuable conversations. 

We gave away 6 boxes worth of books over the 2 days to those business owners.  Some will read the book, some won’t.  But it’s highly unlikely they’ll throw the book away which makes it advertising space on their book shelf! 

Emma did a truly fantastic job at engaging these Business Owners, asking them great questions and understanding the service they currently receive from their Accountants.  When she talked about some of the ways that AVN Accountants work with Business Owners and how they analyse the numbers in the account in great depth in order to identify ways to improve those numbers their eyes were opened wide.

I ran some presentations throughout the 2 days and although not every seat was filled every time, the audience who did listen to my presentation were soon riveted.  To be fair, I almost lost at the mention of Accountants but doesn’t that speak volumes about their own experiences with Accountants?

During the presentation I explained the business model of most traditional accountants which simply producing compliance accountants as quickly as they can for as many businesses as possible.  I then explained how AVN Accountants are committed to spending much more quality time with their client, analysing specific Key Performance Indicators and demonstrating the impact and business potential that making small changes through implementing simple strategies could have on the business.

At the end of every session I told the audience that if they were interested in having a BenchMark report, Business Potential Review or a Key Improvement Possibilities report for their business from an AVN Accountant to go to the stand, complete a form and we’d make it happen.

At least 2 thirds of the audience completed the form and we’ll be passing on that information to AVN Accountants near them.

The upshot from this day too is that my presentation can be repurposed by AVN Accountants, they can use this as a quick differentiation presentation networking events, to bank managers to help them get referrals and even when pitching to a prospective client.

Here’s a quick showreel of the the presentation…