Why giving a little can go a long way

In a world where everything has a price – sometimes giving a little bit of help or support can go a long way. We are also so busy that doing anything extra seems like a big ask.

Many years ago, I picked up a little book called ‘Random Acts of Kindness’. If you haven’t heard of this, it is a movement where people do acts of kindness not for their own gratification or for getting a thank you, but for the sheer act of doing something nice. The reason I picked up the book is it is something I have believed in and I also think that the principles can apply in business without assuming you get a direct response or something back in return.

I’ve had great fun with this …. paying for the next person’s in the queue fish and chips. It causes smiles always round. I’ve sent an ice cream over to a mum who has a child she can’t console;  I’ve taken a can of petrol to someone who has ran out without being asked, I’ve taken the postman a cold drink out on a hot day.

When working with Accountants, I often hear that you feel you do too much for free or for little reward and yes, I agree with you. It is about being clear what you do and what you charge for. With acts of kindness we are talking about the little extras that can make a big difference for that other person.

How? There are many things you can do….

This might be of potential clients that call you – if they are not right for you, do you know and Accountant that is right for them and you can refer them rather than just turn them down?

If someone needs a service that you don’t offer – could you signpost them to where they need go for advice?

Could you give a testimonial to a client or supplier without being asked?

What about endorsing your contacts on social media or writing them a review – genuinely of course

All these things take very little time and whilst you are not doing these for financial gain – you will feel good knowing you have helped someone else, even just a little bit by what you have done. And if you do it, others will see you do it and …..they might just do it as well.

I believe that Acts of kindness get remembered and the result of this you may never know where they may lead you. Go on give it a go!